America’s Swimming Pool Company is the number one pool cleaning franchise in the nation and it currently has a pool cleaning business for sale in Memphis, Tennessee. The draw to start a business in Memphis is obvious, as it has a pleasant climate, no personal income tax, an attractive cost of living, affordable real estate, and is the place where large companies like FedEx and AutoZone got their starts. From exciting new startups to large company headquarters, Memphis encompasses it all, providing a healthy and robust economy to start a pool franchise with America’s Swimming Pool Company. ASP specializes in pool cleaning, maintenance, repairs, and pool remodels. It is known nationally for providing quality products and services at affordable price points, and our franchisees experience a 99% success rate.

Why Memphis

Best Places reports that Memphis has an average of 218 sunny days, while the national average is 205. Swimming pool season lasts for a minimum of seven months throughout the year, but pool cleaning and maintenance is a year-round job. The high temperatures in July and August reach just above 90 degrees, creating perfect conditions for pool owners to take a dip and for entrepreneurs to purchase a pool cleaning business for sale. Tennessee is one of nine states in America that does not tax personal income. The state funds projects for roads and government agencies through sales tax, which is considered to be low when compared to other states. Zillow reports that the median home price in Memphis during 2019 was $86,900. The cost of living in Memphis is affordable and attractive to residents and business owners alike. Forbes Magazine ranked Memphis fourth on its list of “The Happiest Cities to Work in Right Now,” and a study by financial management site, WalletHub, ranked Memphis seventh in the nation for entrepreneurs. 

Starting a Business in Memphis

Area Development magazine ranked Tennessee second in the category for “Overall Cost of Doing Business” in 2018. The Memphis Chamber of Commerce provides an advocate for business owners and entrepreneurs to advertise and expand businesses. Joining the Chamber of Commerce in Memphis allows business owners like ASP with a pool cleaning business for sale to get referrals, list job openings for specific talents and skills, and provides exclusive marketing techniques for brands. The Memphis Chamber has a vision “to be globally recognized as a national economic leader with a global impact that fosters an authentic business environment unique to the soul of the city.” America’s Swimming Pool Company shares a similar vision – to be nationally recognized as an industry leader, providing quality pool service at an affordable price. Both share the goal to be recognized on a larger level than just within the community that they develop a business. ASP sets pool franchise owners up for success by establishing a referral network in Memphis that gives the names and addresses of pool owners, whether residential or commercial. ASP’s marketing strategy is made up of search engine optimization online advertising, mailers, business cards, and door hangers, which is proven to assist franchisees in their business success after purchasing a pool cleaning business for sale. Each franchisee is required to have a truck as a work vehicle, and the body of the vehicle will be encased in a truck wrap with the ASP brand name and logo. This also provides for business leads as franchise owners drive from appointment to appointment in their designated areas.

How to Purchase an ASP Franchise

If you are seeking to start your own ASP pool business or looking to convert a pool business that you already own, this is the place to start. America’s Swimming Pool Company has been operating off of a franchise model that has demonstrated itself victorious time and time again since 2005, when ASP founder and Chief Executive Officer, Stewart C. Vernon, created the model. Purchasing an ASP pool cleaning business for sale allows entrepreneurs to start off on the right foot. Starting a business alone does not guarantee success. In fact, it often leads to long hours, expends energy, leaving owners exhausted, and costs a lot of money. At ASP, our cost to own a franchise ranked eighth on Forbes Magazine’s Best Businesses to Buy in 2019 in the Low-Investment Category. Analysts from Frandata found that the midpoint initial investment to purchase a franchise with America’s Swimming Pool Company is $126,716. ASP currently has 310 pool franchise operating units and an impressive 14.62% five-year growth rate. Joining the pool cleaning industry, which is a $15 billion industry, has never been so promising. Below you will see an itemization of the costs to own an ASP franchise:

  • Total Initial Investment: $108,000 – $145,000.
  • Initial Capital Needed When Purchasing a Pool Cleaning Business for Sale: $98,000 which includes the franchise fee. The franchise fee starts at $42,000, though the average is $46,500. This fee is determined by the size and population of the territory. It is also dependant on the number of pools in the area. Business outfittings are also included in the price of $98,000, including a truck wrap. This costs about $13,100.  Initial marketing expenses are $22,500 and the Operations Pool Start Up Kits has a price tag of $10,280.
  • Ongoing Fees:
    • Royalty Fee: Ranges between 4% and 8%, with the average being 4.9%. 
    • Marketing: 1% pays for the National Brand Development Fund
    • PoolOps: $120 per month pays for our state-of-the-art software program that allows franchise owners to manage their business more efficiently.
    • Website and Technology Fee: $350 per month. 
  • Additional Capital within the First Year of Operations: $30,000 of additional money is needed within the first year to cover operating expenses. This includes licensing, insurance, office costs, expenses for attending pool school, additional marketing, and advertising. 

Purchasing a pool cleaning business for sale with America’s Swimming Pool Company is affordable, and a majority of the advertising work is set up for you by the expert team at the ASP headquarters. Prior to committing to purchasing a franchise with ASP, potential owners have the opportunity to meet the friendly staff and trainers who will teach them all things pool. 

What to Expect at Pool School

New franchise owners are required to attend Pool School, where ASP executives will teach them installations, repairs, remodels, equipment, cleaning processes, marketing, human resources, accounting and finance, and more. Franchisees walk away from Pool School with complete confidence in knowing how to operate a prosperous new pool business. Our philosophy is, if you fail, we fail. That is why we give you every tool you will need in the field of operations to hit the ground running and start building up a clientele. The ASP headquarters located in Macon, Georgia, features a 20,000 square foot highly advanced facility where franchisees attend Pool School. The training campus has twelve functional display pools, a classroom, outdoor swimming pools, and all pool equipment that is used for repairs, remodels, resurfacing, maintenance, and cleaning. Miguel Macias, who bought the Reno, Nevada, ASP pool cleaning business for sale said, “ASP provided me with the best operational support and training I have ever seen in any franchise. ASP has an extensive and thorough operations manual and a proven, successful operations plan. All I have to do it follow it! It can’t get any better than that!” ASP has designed a perfect blueprint for franchisees, and all they need to do is execute that blueprint and success will be abundant. Franchisees will each be assigned a coach and mentor who will work diligently with new owners during the first few months of operations.

Meet the ASP Team

It is no surprise that running a nation-wide successful brand in the pool industry is created and managed by those who have extensive experience in the pool industry and have also worked as operators in the field. Stewart Vernon, the CEO of ASP, manages the operations of the franchise company including public relations, vendor interactions and relations, financial analytics, and strategic organizing and oversight of the ASP staff. Jef Flournoy will become a familiar face to those looking to purchase an ASP pool cleaning business for sale as he is responsible for the development of franchise sales. Jimmie Meece acts as ASP’s Senior Vice President and will greet new franchisees on their first day of Pool School training. He also works closely with his operations team to support franchisees in day to day operations including business planning, budgeting, and QuickBooks support. 

Why You Should Purchase the Memphis ASP Pool Cleaning Business for Sale

With support from ASP on your side, there is a guarantee that your new business will thrive. Many of our new franchise owners find that their business is growing so quickly, they need to hire employees to assist them in managing all of their accounts. Dive in head first, call us today. 

The CEO of America’s Swimming Pool Company, Stewart C. Vernon, recently published an article through the International Franchise Association about franchising a small business. In his article, Vernon details the unique responsibilities of transitioning from business owner to franchisor throughout his piece, comparing the challenges to those that come with parenting. He offers advice to future franchisors on how to nurture their new owners and leadership teams, as well as how to keep their goals balanced, grounded, and focused.

Through the success that he has built with America’s Swimming Pool Company, Vernon has garnered the respect of the IFA and other influencers within the franchise space, and has become a knowledge leader that other business owners, franchisors, and franchisees can rely on.

Read the full article at

ASP – America’s Swimming Pool Company was recently named a Top Franchise for Veterans by Franchise Business Review. ASP was ranked among 158 franchise brands; that represent over 22,000 franchisees. Of those 22,000 franchisees, approximately 2,500 are veterans.


An article from Franchise Business Review reports: “There are many factors influencing 89% of veterans saying they enjoy operating their business. The primary one is that the franchise model enables them to apply their leadership skills to running their own business while helping them overcome any lack of business skills. It does so by providing them with a proven business model and detailed operations plan to follow as well as support from the franchisor and fellow franchisees.”

Military Veterans always receive a 15% discount off their franchise fee. America’s Swimming Pool Company offers even more exclusive opportunities for U.S. Military veterans. Each Veteran’s Day, ASP waived the full franchise fee for one qualified veteran each year. Last year’s winner was Miguel Macias, owner and operator in Reno, NV. Miguel has had a great start as a business owner. He prides himself on using his military training and skills to be successful in his business.

“We welcome veteran entrepreneurs to the ASP family. As a company, we are committed to honoring our veterans,” said Stewart C. Vernon, Founder and CEO of America’s Swimming Pool Company. “We want more franchise owners like Miguel, and an ASP franchise is an ideal fit for veterans.”

America’s Swimming Pool Company is the largest swimming pool cleaning, repair and renovation franchise system in the nation. Founded in 2001 by Stewart C. Vernon, the company is based on the belief that by providing a higher quality pool service at a reasonable price, the brand would raise the industry standards for pool service. In 2005, ASP began franchising and now covers 225 territories across the nation.

To learn more about franchising and the opportunities for veterans, please visit, or call 888.814.8093.

Miguel Macias and his wife, Melissa, purchased their America’s Swimming Pool Company franchise in Reno, NV in 2016. Prior to opening his franchise, Miguel served as a Naval Supply and Logistics Officer as well as a Human Resources Officer. Franchise Business Review asked Miguel to share his franchising experience as part of our special Veteran to Franchisee series leading up to Veteran’s Day.

Miguel Macias and his wife, Melissa, purchased their America’s Swimming Pool Company franchise in Reno, NV in 2016. Prior to opening his franchise, Miguel served as a Naval Supply and Logistics Officer as well as a Human Resources Officer. Franchise Business Review asked Miguel to share his franchising experience as part of our special Veteran to Franchisee series leading up to Veteran’s Day.

How is it that you entered franchising? A friend of mine who owned an America’s Swimming Pool Company talked to me about his experience and the benefits of a franchise. After learning how America’s Swimming Pool Company ran the business, the thorough education they provide, and the tremendous support they offer, plus their veteran’s program, I was sold! Also being a military man, I was used to taking plans of action and executing them so the fact that a franchise entails following an operations plan to be successful appealed to me.

What have you found particularly beneficial about being a franchisee? America’s Swimming Pool Company has very comprehensive and thorough operations plan. They cover just about anything you need to get started and if you have questions, they have an awesome technical support team you can rely on. They also assigned a “coach” to me during my first ten weeks of business to help me get going. The guidance and help was amazing!

How has your military training helped with running your business? In the Navy I learned decision making and attention to detail. These principles were ingrained in me since the beginning of my naval career. Our clients greatly appreciate our attention to detail. As an Officer, I also had to make decisions with incomplete information and to trust my decision. I may have had to make corrections, but the important part was that I made the decision and kept the ship moving forward. You have to do the same in business.

What is it that you like best about owning your franchise? It is very rewarding to see my business grow as a direct result of my efforts. I’m my own boss and the decisions I make directly affect my business and employees. I like having that freedom and responsibility. I also like being in control of my time.

What steps should people considering purchasing a franchise take? I suggest they carefully look at the franchise’s operations plans and learn about what kind of support they will receive as an owner such as marketing, website, and budgeting.

What is the first year in business like? Get ready to be stretched! Be flexible and be quick to adapt. Initially the days will be long, but things will get easier. Know your operations plan and if you can, get a successful franchisee in the system to be your mentor so you can bounce things off them and get advice.

What is work/life balance like? Things are a bit easier now as I’m more established and have finally found my rhythm. At first I was working 12 to 16 hour days servicing pools and fielding phone calls. Things got busy for me really quick! After two months in business I had to hire two employees and purchase a second truck to cover all the pools we had to service. Once my employees were ready to go out on their own, my time was freed up significantly. I still have lots of work, but it is mainly involves engaging new clients and administrative tasks. I am now able to play tennis with my son after his tennis lessons, spend time with the family, and even play golf once in a while.

What is the most challenging aspect of being a franchisee? As an owner, the buck stops with you so to speak. You are the decision maker. It’s a lot of responsibility. And when things go south, it’s all on you to fix the situation. That said, my franchisor provides much guidance and support, but the results of whatever actions my employees and I make fall on my shoulders.

Can you provide an example of support you received from your franchisor that had a significantimpact on your business? America’s Swimming Pool Company provided us with a 10-week start-up plan. We would meet once a week over the phone to plan the week and discuss strategy to build the business. These meetings were very beneficial as I was able to discuss issues I had encountered and was provided much needed guidance. The results were amazing! Half way through the 10 weeks I had to cut the meetings short because I had to attend to new clients!

What kind of support do you get from fellow franchisees? I bounce things off other franchise owners and they are helpful. We have a facebook group where we all share ideas and issues. It helps me learn from what others are experiencing.

Would you share your 2015 and projected 2016 gross revenue? I opened for business in April 2016 and as of September 2016 our gross revenue is $78,000. Not too shabby for our first six months of business. I expect to at least double that next year.

Did you start looking for a franchise while on active duty? I started looking for career options about a year before retirement. I looked at the VetFran website and attended career fairs. My command was very supportive of me taking time off to find my new career. I didn’t settle on America’s Swimming Pool Company until I was already retired.

How did you fund your franchise? I applied to America’s Swimming Pool Company Veteran’s Program where they waive the franchise fee for a deserving veteran each year. I am grateful that they selected me! I funded the other start-up costs using my IRA via aRollovers for Business Start-ups.

About the Author:

As the Editorial Director at Franchise Business Review, Emma Pearson reports regularly on today’s top franchise opportunities and the latest trends in franchising. She also oversees Franchise Business Review’s research and the publishing of FBR’s annual Top Franchises Guide, Top Low Cost Franchises Guide, and many other specialty franchise reports.

ASP – America’s Swimming Pool Company announced the continuation of their Veterans Program. This program will award one U.S. military veteran with a pool service franchise this Veterans Day. ASP wants to honor veterans for their service to this country and will waive the franchise fee for one qualified veteran. ASP is the number one pool service franchise in the nation.

This program launched in 2015 and honored Miguel Macias with an ASP pool service franchise. He opened his location in Reno, NV in spring 2016 and has had a great start as a new business owner. Macias served in the U.S. Navy for 24 years, retiring as a Lieutenant Commander in 2015. When considering his options after retirement, he was introduced to the idea of being a business owner. A friend told Macias about a franchising opportunity that ASP was granting by waiving the franchise fee for a military veteran.

“We welcome veteran entrepreneurs to the ASP family. As a company, we are committed to honoring our veterans,” said Stewart C. Vernon, Founder and CEO of America’s Swimming Pool Company. “We want more franchise owners like Miguel, and an ASP franchise is an ideal fit for veterans.”

ASP Miguel-Macias-Vets-Franchise-WinnerASP has been named a Top 100 Franchise for Veterans and Franchising by Franchise Business Review. They are also proud members of VetFran, a company that assists veterans with finding franchising opportunities as a way to transition back into the civilian world. ASP is the number one pool service franchise in the nation and offers a proven ROI with a recurring monthly income. The pool industry is growing and experiences a steady demand on an annual basis. ASP offers exclusive territories to each franchisee, marketing data on every pool located in that territory, and comprehensive training, making prior experience in the industry a non-issue. ASP also offers a year-round initiative that grants a 15% discount off the franchise fee for any military veteran.

“Being a military man, I am used to taking plans of action and executing them. An ASP franchise is very similar. You have the operations plan, and as long as you follow it, you can be successful,” said Macias.

Veterans who wish to apply for pool franchise opportunities need to apply before 10/15/2016 to be qualified for the franchise fee to be waived. More information on the application and qualification process can be found at or call 888.814.8093 for more information.

U.S. military veterans have the dedication, leadership, and focus; skills that will directly translate as an ASP pool service franchise owner. ASP wants veterans to be a part of this successful and growing brand!

About ASP

ASP is the largest swimming pool cleaning, repair and renovation franchise system in the nation. Founded in 2001 by Stewart Vernon, the company is based on the belief that by providing a higher quality pool service at a reasonable price, the brand would raise the industry standards for pool service. In 2005, ASP began franchising and now covers 225 territories across the nation. For more information on ASP’s swimming pool franchise opportunities, visit For more information on ASP – America’s Swimming Pool Company, visit

There are many advantages to becoming an ASP-America’s Swimming Pool Company owner, but there is one benefit that speaks volumes for our franchise owners. This benefit is PoolOps.

What is PoolOps?

PoolOps is a digital platform that produces weekly reports for ASP customers. It will send customers notifications of the balanced chemicals in their swimming pool, the list of products added to their pool, and photos of their clean pool after service.

Watch this video to see what PoolOps technology is doing for our franchisee’s customers.

At ASP, we believe in the value of communication. PoolOps helps our franchisees communicate better with their customers and offers our franchise owners the ability to conduct superior and professional service. Why wouldn’t you want to dive into the nation’s largest and most trusted swimming pool maintenance and repair company?

See what our franchise owners are saying about PoolOps:

“ASP offers an easy, proven, successful, and highly effective operations plan. From the marketing support, the professional truck wraps, direct mail, to PoolOps (which by the way, our customers love!); all these things just scream to the customer: professional, serious business, reliable and accountable pool services. And of course, the support I’ve received from my coach and the ASP Team!” – Miguel Macias of Reno, NV

“After seeing a magazine article on ASP on how well the franchise owners were doing, it piqued my interest. I liked the idea of being a part of a business that offers a lot more backing and support. Ultimately, the PoolOps Software is why I chose ASP.” – Jack Carter of Fresno and Chatsworth, CA

About ASP

ASP is the largest swimming pool cleaning, repair and renovation franchise system in the nation. Founded in 2001 by Stewart Vernon, the company is based on the belief that by providing a higher quality pool service at a reasonable price, the brand would raise the industry standards for pool service. In 2005, ASP began franchising and now covers 225 territories across the nation. For more information on ASP’s swimming pool franchise opportunities, visit For more information on ASP – America’s Swimming Pool Company, visit

MACON, Georgia– ASP – America’s Swimming Pool Company, held its annual pool service business owners meeting at which many franchise locations were honored by their franchisor for their hard work and commitment to customer service. In the past, the only award presented at this meeting was to the Franchisee of the Year, however, this year the company also presented many sales awards to recognize the achievements of the best performing franchises.

“ASP celebrated its 10th year of franchising in 2015, and has experienced faster growth than I ever imagined,” said Stewart Vernon, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of ASP. “Most of the franchisees in attendance at our owners meeting are no longer running a start up business, but have turned their pool company into growing organizations. Twenty-six ASP franchises are running organizations ranging in size from $500K-$2.7MM. These organizations deserve to be recognized for their hard work and drive to succeed.”

Along with the Franchisee of the Year award given in years past, this year’s meeting introduced three new sales clubs, designed to honor those franchises with the highest sales. The President’s Club consists of franchises who exceeded $500,000 in sales and was awarded to nine franchises including: Atlanta, GA; Augusta, GA; Chandler, AZ; Charleston, SC; Glynn County, GA; Gulfport, MS; Mobile, AL; Nashville, TN; and Shreveport, LA.

The Chairman’s Club was awarded to franchises who exceeded $750,000 in sales and was awarded to four franchises including: Athens, GA; Edmond, OK; Macon, GA; and Mesa, AZ.

The Founder’s Club awards those franchises that exceeded $1,000,000 in sales in 2015 and was given to: Chattanooga, TN; Columbus, GA; Dallas, TX; Destin, FL; and Ocala, FL.

Other awards given at the ceremony were:

  • Employee of the Year: Silas Partain, General Manager of the Mesa, AZ franchise
  • Top Sales Award: Dallas, TX franchise
  • Best Start Award: Virginia Beach, VA
  • Franchisee of the Year: Marcus Kuja, Owner of Savannah and Glynn County, GA franchises

During the course of the meeting, Vernon also introduced the company theme for 2016 as “Leaders…Leading the Pool Industry.” ASP has long been known for its leadership abilities. When founded in 2001, the company was built on the belief that if they provided a higher quality pool service at an affordable price, they would be able to compete in the pool service business. This belief proved true, and the company experienced explosive growth within a few years of starting. By 2005, franchise opportunities were being offered, and the company has now expanded to over 180 territories nationwide and is known as the #1 Swimming Pool Company in America. ASP has also been named among the best franchise opportunities in America by both Entrepreneur Magazine and Inc. 500.

To learn more about pool service business opportunities with ASP, visit their franchising website:

MACON, Georgia– At its annual owners meeting, ASP – America’s Swimming Pool Company welcomed the Destin, Florida franchise location to the company’s Founder’s Club. This club consists of the company’s top earners, all of whom exceeded $1 million in gross sales in 2015.

“As our company continues to grow, it is exciting to see what franchisees can do when they combine our business model with hard work,” said Stewart Vernon, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of ASP. “To have five companies exceed $1 million in sales in 2015 is not only encouraging to those just starting out, but also sets the bar for more franchises to reach those numbers in 2016. We expect good things from the Destin, Florida franchise as they have proven to be leaders in our industry.”

“Our commitment to hard work and dedication to providing the best local pool service in our territory is what makes us stand out among other pool cleaning franchises in Destin,” said Ryan Eiland, owner and operator of the Destin franchise. “I could not be more proud of my team and the effort they have put forth in 2015. Now our goal is to continue providing quality service and exceed these numbers in 2016.”

ASP has quickly become one of the best franchise opportunities in the nation and has been recognized as such by both Entrepreneur Magazine and Inc. 500. What began as a local pool cleaning service in Macon, Georgia, has grown to include over 180 territories nationwide, and is known as America’s #1 Swimming Pool Company.

Founded in 2001 by Stewart Vernon of Macon, Georgia, ASP set out to fill the holes in the existing swimming pool industry. By providing a higher quality service at affordable prices, the ASP brand spread like wildfire. In 2005, Vernon knew his business model would do well in other markets across the nation and began offering pool cleaning franchise opportunities.

To learn more about franchising opportunities with ASP, visit their franchise website:

For those franchise owners who were unable to attend the owners meeting, we put together a little recap of the events that took place. The biggest of which, was Stewart Vernon addressing the state of the business.

Stewart opened his remarks by addressing that most people in the room are no longer running a start up pool company, but have turned their franchises into organizations with growing sales, revenues and employee bases. In fact, 26 pool cleaning service franchises in the ASP family are running organizations in size from 500K-2.7MM! These same 26 locations make up company wide revenue of 25 million dollars!

The theme for the 2016 business year was announced as “Leaders…Leading the pool industry.” Stewart went on to discuss his take on the Stephen Covey book, “7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” and how they were directly relatable to the owners of ASP pool repair franchise locations.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Pool Franchise Owners

Stewart took the 7 habits described in the book and broke them down as follows to make them directly relate to what we are doing as pool cleaning service franchise owners with ASP:

Habit 1: Be proactive: Are you working IN your business or ON your business? If you are stuck in the day to day, you are stuck in it rather than on it. Are you being proactive?

Habit 2: Begin with the end in mind: What are your goals for 2016? What is your exit strategy? You can’t deliver an effective plan without knowing where you want to go.

Habit 3: Put first things first. Time management impacts profit. Cash flow =profit +/- time management.

Habit 4: Think Win-Win: 1+1=3. Partnerships: Take your business with our road map and the right vendor, and the end will come out better.

Habit 5: Seek to understand first, then be understood. Listen, digest, think, understand, slow down. Communication can make you or break you. As the franchise owner, you are the head communicator, your voice is heard the loudest, to employees, customers, vendors, partners.

Habit 6: Synergize: Build a great team around you then use everyone’s strengths to improve.

Habit 7: Sharpen the saw: What are you doing to better yourself? How are you working on being a better leader?

These seven principles and other aspects of the address can be seen on this video.

MACON, Georgia- ASP – America’s Swimming Pool Company recently announced the launch of its newest pool service franchise in Pensacola, Florida which opened its doors in February. Shane Lawson, owner/operator of the franchise, is no stranger to ASP.

“I grew up in Macon alongside Ryan Eiland, owner of ASP Destin, and Jef Flournoy, who is now the Vice President of ASP,” said Lawson. “When I decided I was tired of working for the man, and ready to be the man, Ryan referred me to ASP. I knew he had been successful and decided to learn more. I was not looking for this, but sometimes the best opportunities land in your lap.”

Even though ‘how to start a pool cleaning service’ was not on Lawson’s list of things to learn, with his background in plumbing and engineering, he feels ASP is a logical next step in his career. Lawson plans to differentiate his business from other swimming pool companies in the area by presenting a higher level of both professionalism and customer service.

“Lawson will be a valuable contribution to the pool service business,” said Stewart Vernon, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of ASP. “His hard work and determination to succeed will help him achieve his goals and help ASP continue to be a brand that American pool owners can trust.”

In the 10 years it has been franchising, ASP has made a huge impact in the pool service business. From its conception in 2001, Vernon knew that the standards of pool service needed to be raised. He founded the company on the belief that providing a higher quality pool service at a price pool owners could afford would give his company the competitive edge. This belief proved to be true and by 2005 the company was offering its brand and business model as a franchise opportunity. ASP currently has over 180 territories and continues to attract entrepreneurs wondering about how to start a pool cleaning service.

To learn more about the Pensacola franchise, contact them via phone (850) 361-2806 or email: