MACON, Georgia– ASP – America’s Swimming Pool Company recently named their Virginia Beach pool repair franchise as the franchise with the highest earnings among those who started ASP franchises in 2015. ASP honored the Virginia Beach franchise for their achievements and commitments to hard work at the annual owners meeting. Bill Schlemmer, owner and operator of the location was present to accept the award.

“ASP is like no other company I have ever seen with what we do and how we do it,” said Schlemmer. “While this has been a tough year, we have learned from each challenge we have faced and moved on to the next. We are grateful for what we have learned in between, and look forward to another great year!”

Stewart Vernon, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of ASP gave the closing remarks at the owners meeting, detailing seven habits that ASP pool repair franchise owners can do to scale their business in 2016. One of these seven was to synergize; which Vernon explained meant to build a good team, and play to each employee’s strengths to improve. Schwimmer and his team believe in synergy and have applied the concept in helping their franchise to grow.

“We are pleased with how far Schlemmer and his team have come in such a little time,” said Vernon. “We expect them to continue to build relationships and provide the best service possible in their territory, and are excited to work with them as they continue to scale the business in Virginia Beach in 2016.”

The ASP brand is no stranger to awards. Since the company began offering franchises in 2005, they have been named best franchise among several different categories from both Entrepreneur Magazine and Inc. 500. Some of these recognition’s include: fastest growing franchise, best home based franchise, best of the best and best in class industry leader.

ASP is built on leadership since its conception in 2001, when Vernon set out to raise the standards for pool cleaning companies in his hometown of Macon, Georgia. Vernon believed that by offering a higher quality pool service at an affordable price, he would be able to compete with the bigger companies. ASP experienced explosive growth and after only 4 years in operation began offering franchise opportunities nationwide, with the goal of coast to coast expansion. The company now has over 180 territories nationwide and continues seeking for business minded individuals to join their team.

To learn more about franchise opportunities with ASP, visit their franchise

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