MACON, Georgia– ASP – America’s Swimming Pool Company held its annual owners meeting at which they recognized the best franchises for performance in 2015. The Chattanooga, Tennessee pool service franchise was introduced into the company’s Founder’s Club, which recognizes franchises who exceeded $1 million in sales in 2015.

“ASP is thrilled to introduce five pool service franchise locations into the Founder’s Club in 2015, one of which is Chattanooga, Tennessee,” said Stewart Vernon, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of ASP. “Being inducted into this club proves that the owners of these locations are leaders in their communities and have worked hard to build their business from the start up phase and turn it into a growing organization. We are excited to be partners with these franchisees and expect great things from them in 2016.”

The Founder’s Club of ASP represents the company’s top earners. Chattanooga’s owners, John Baldshun and Peter Baldshun have worked hard to build their business into a million dollar plus enterprise and currently employ several staff members that helped them celebrate this success. ASP franchises are no strangers to recognition, as the ASP brand has been named among the best franchises in America for several years running by both Entrepreneur Magazine and Inc. 500.

ASP was founded in 2001 by Stewart Vernon of Macon, Georgia. Vernon’s plan was to revolutionize the swimming pool industry by providing higher quality pool service at an affordable price. His business model and ethics proved to be what the industry needed, and the company experienced explosive growth in the first five years. In 2005, ASP Franchising was born as a way to expand the business model, provide higher quality pool service nationwide, and build a brand people could trust. Currently, the company has over 180 territories nationwide and is continually searching for other franchisees to help them build their brand.

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