Though the winter season has been long and harsh, across the country many pool company owners are gearing up for the busy season. Whether you are an experienced pool company owner, or are searching for a pool service franchise for sale, it’s now time to prepare for the season ahead. Pool service leader ASP is one of the best franchise opportunities in the nation, and we have compiled a list of seven questions every pool company owner should ask as they prepare for the season ahead.

Do I have a marketing plan that works?

No matter what strategy you use in your marketing, how you communicate to your customers makes a huge impact on your business. Now is the time to go through your marketing plan with a fine tooth comb and review strategies that worked and ones that can be improved upon.

Do I have a plan for finding new clients?

Taking care of your current customer base is a good place to start. The happier they are with your services, the more likely they are to refer you to their family and friends. Asking customers for referrals is essential to helping your business grow, and implementing a loyalty program or rewards program for those who do refer to you are also ways to grow.

Am I getting the best price on supplies?

One of the perks of purchasing an ASP pool service franchise for sale is that you benefit from our preferred partnerships that offer discounts on the supplies you use most in your business. These discounts allow you to do business for less than your competitors. For those who are not a part of a franchise, now is a good time to review your supply costs and try to negotiate better prices with vendors.

Is my team well trained in all current systems?

Staying up to date on current industry trends is essential for any successful business. ASP swimming pool franchise owners benefit from ongoing training and are given the tools, support and resources needed to outperform their competition.

Is my online presence strong?

The days of yellowbook or white pages are gone, and today’s consumers are more internet savvy than ever before. To keep your brand relevant to your market, it’s time to ensure your website content is clear and concise, that your blog is up to date and gives useful information in a way that will engage the reader, and that any social media campaigns are current and position your company as the leader in the market.

If you have not yet claimed your company’s listing on sites like Google+ and Yelp, now is the time to do so and begin encouraging satisfied customers to leave reviews. If you already have reviews about your company, spend time to read through them and see what you could improve upon from a customer’s point of view. Excellent reviews could be the difference between a pool owner saying maybe they will try your service someday, and actually hiring you to care for their pool.

Do I need to apply for or renew any business licenses or certifications?

Every municipality will have different rules and regulations as far as licensing goes. Ensure your business license is current and any other licenses, certifications or business paperwork are up to date so you can focus more on running the business.

Am I Ready??

Whether this is your first or your twenty first season in the pool business, ask yourself if you are ready. Make sure your staff is ready to provide the best swimming pool service possible and help your business to grow.

If you are searching for a pool service franchise for sale, or the opportunity to be a part of one of the nation’s best franchise systems, ASP can help!

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