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Franchise Rankings assists those interested in franchising to find the best opportunities available to them. As a provider of information and resources about selecting and starting a franchise, the company releases a monthly ranking which helps to identify the strengths and competitive advantages of franchises across a variety of industries. The ranking system accounts for franchise performance, franchisee satisfaction, and customer satisfaction. Franchises that consistently rank in the system are most likely to experience long term growth and expansion.

ASP is proud to see our swimming pool franchise opportunity climbing the ranks each month since we began making the list. In October 2015, ASP ranked in the following categories:

  • Best Home Improvement Franchise (Ranked #2, up from #3 in September)
  • Best Home Maintenance Service Franchise (Ranked #3, up from #10 in September)
  • Best Home Based Franchise (Ranked #5, not ranked in September )
  • Best Cleaning & Sanitation Franchise (Ranked #20, up from #23 in September)

24690050_lEach franchise listed on this site is also scored in five categories that include: growth prospect, marketing support, training, ongoing support, and value. These five scores average out to give the company’s overall score and show any trending changes in the franchise system. To help those who may be researching a franchise opportunity, the website further details the information they have gathered by providing the person searching with graphics analyzing where the chosen franchise stands among the competition, who the competition is, and how the five categories researched affect the franchise’s overall score.

Though the rankings change on a monthly basis, in October 2015, ASP’s swimming pool franchise opportunity had an overall ranking of 99.2% and our five scores broke out to:

  • Growth Prospect: 99
  • Marketing Support: 100
  • Training: 98
  • Ongoing Support: 99
  • Value: 100

Though these awards help provide validity and peace of mind to those searching for opportunities in the franchise industry, ASP knows that it’s the philosophy and the people behind the brand that truly make it a success.
ASP is the nation’s most recognized swimming pool franchise, and has seen consistent growth over the last decade. Our franchise owners are backed by the credibility and trust that our brand represents, and are supported by a team of experts who are committed to the success of each franchise in our family. While we are proud of the awards we have been given, we continue to work hard to build a franchise system that is worthy of them.

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