Do You Know the History of Veteran’s Day?

World War I officially ended in June of 1919 with the signing of the treaty of Versailles. However, on November 11, 1918, the fighting between the Allied forces and Germany came to an end due to the issuance of an ‘armistice,’ or a temporary truce. President Woodrow Wilson later declared November 11 to be Armistice Day, a day Americans should spend reflecting on the heroism and service of those who had fought in the war. In 1954, after World War II had ended, the day was changed to ‘Veteran’s Day’ to honor all all veterans who served their country. This day is still celebrated on November 11 each year as Americans take the time to honor the unsung heroes that stand up for our country’s freedoms.

What Do Pool Franchise Opportunities Have to Do with Veterans?

As the nation’s leading swimming pool cleaning and maintenance franchise, ASP is honored to have veterans among the ranks of our franchise owners. This veterans day, to show our gratitude, we are celebrating a little different. Beginning on November 11, 2015, ASP will be honoring the sacrifices made for our country by waiving the full franchise fee for one qualified veteran. This new tradition will happen annually as a way to show our continued admiration and gratitude for those who proudly serve in our country’s armed forces.

ASP’s Pool Franchise Opportunities Offer Proven Path to Success

ASP is the most recognized pool franchise opportunity in the nation. As swimming pool franchise owner, you can expect to be a part of a growing industry with a steady demand. We grant each franchise owner an exclusive territory, comprehensive training, ongoing support and access to our laser-focused marketing strategies that ensure your franchise will be able to swim laps around the competition.

The swimming pool industry has remained stable in times of recession as families look to their pools as an affordable means of family entertainment-even when the budget is tight. Generally speaking, pools don’t go away, so if you service a swimming pool this year, chances are you will still be maintaining that pool in a year from now.

Veterans Have a Place in the ASP Franchise Family

One qualified veteran will receive a free pool company franchise with ASP each year. Apply before 12/31/15 to see if you will be the next owner of America’s #1 Swimming Pool Company franchise! For more information on how to qualify, visit:

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