If you are considering a pool business for sale, it’s best to consult highly ranked franchise opportunities. Entrepreneur Magazine compiles the most comprehensive franchise ranking in the world, and 2015 marks the 36th year this list has been compiled.

Making the List is Not a Simple Task

The search for the top 500 franchise companies in the world for 2015 began in July of 2014 when franchisors were asked to participate in a survey for an opportunity to receive the award. 927 companies that responded made the first cut, and the top 500 went on to receive the award based on financial data provided from July 2012-2014. IN order to be eligible, the franchisor must provide a Full Disclosure Document, have at least 10 franchise locations one of which must be located in the US. The company cannot be in chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings at the time of compilation, and must be seeking to expand in new US territories.

Once these rigorous qualifications have been met, companies are all judged on the same criteria which includes:

  • Stability and financial strength of the company
  • Growth rate and size of franchise system
  • Years company has been in business, and years of franchising
  • Start up costs
  • Litigations
  • Whether or not financing options are available through the company

Each company receives a cumulative score based on the above and is ranked according to that score.

Rising up the List

ASP has been continuously ranking on the Franchise 500 list since 2011, when our franchising division was only 6 years old. Since then, we have risen up the rankings and currently are listed at 188, and hope to continue to rise among the ranks as the top in the pool cleaning business. We are honored to be recognized in this manner. We welcome any individual interested in a pool business for sale, to contact ASP.

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