ASP held our annual pool services franchise owners meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. Every year the meetings are well attended, and this year was no exception.

We had the privilege of hearing from founder and CEO Stewart Vernon, who taught about the what, how and why of our businesses as pool services franchise owners. He quoted from a Ted Talk by Simon Sinek who says, “Every business owner knows WHAT they do, most business owners know HOW they do it, but only some business owners know WHY they do it…” Stewart then proposed that this is backwards thinking, and that we should all know WHY we are doing what we are doing, and then work on the HOW we do it to improve WHAT we do overall.

Stewart began by sharing how the company leads by marketing the “why” of the pool services franchise business. ASP marketing principles say that ASP is providing solutions to swimming pool problems at economical prices, that ASP is changing the way homeowners view the swimming pool industry, and that we are a trusted company. But, how is each of the pool services franchises living up to these marketing claims?

Stewart continues by suggesting that as a company, we build trust by performing background checks on all employees-we know exactly who is in a customers’ backyard. We make sure all employees are uniformed properly, and driving matching company vehicles. We answer phones promptly, or return calls. We have a web presence so people can find us. We encourage customers to leave testimonials on our websites or Google reviews. All of these add to the trust that we are trying to establish with our customers.

Again, he quoted Simon Sinek, “People don’t buy what you do….they buy why you do it…”

As the meeting came to an end, Stewart challenged all pool services franchises to go into 2015 by starting with the why, work to improve the how, and all of the things discussed will improve the what.