As we kick off the New Year, ASP has several things to celebrate and be thankful for.

First, we are an ever-growing pool maintenance franchise company. As of the date of this writing, ASP franchises are in 18 states with 178 locations nationwide! We are also open to more franchise partners joining us throughout the year.

Speaking of franchising, 2015 is the ten-year anniversary of ASP beginning its pool maintenance franchisenetwork! That’s right, in ten short years we went from 2 franchising owners, to 68 partners now running 178 locations. We are proud to see the ASP brand spreading across the nation and helping raise the bar on the swimming pool service and maintenance industry.

Along with the growth we are experiencing, we are also being recognized year after year as a best franchise company. 2015 is no exception. We have been listed in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Fortune 500 list for the fifth year in a row, moving up to spot 188 nationally. When we were first recognized on this list, we place number 468—again you can see how far the company has come in those five years!

While ASP continues to grow, our services and support team remain the same. We help pool maintenance franchise owners by providing them with a turnkey franchise system that allows them to hit the ground running. We offer a 12-day pool school training at our headquarters, and a 2-day on site training at the new franchise location. As an industry leader in the swimming pool industry, you will seldom come across a problem we have not already encountered and are there to help when needed. None of our pool maintenance franchise owners ever needs to feel as if they are alone in their business.

ASP looks forward to another exciting year of growth and challenges that stretch us and help us to remain the #1 pool service company in the nation.