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Are you interested in starting your own business? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do it without all the risk and stress of going it alone? With ASP–America’s Swimming Pool Company–you can be your own boss and still have access to all the resources and support you could ever need. ASP franchise owners enjoy a 99 percent success rate and are backed by the nation’s leading pool service company. You can set your own hours, hire your own employees, and earn a living doing something you love with an ASP franchise. If you are looking for swimming pool routes for sale, ASP has franchises available all across the country.    

Make Waves in the Baltimore Pool Service Market

ASP has a pool cleaning franchise territory available in Baltimore, MD. The harbor city was one of the 13 original colonies and is an area rich in history. It is also an area with rich opportunities for an ASP franchise. Also known as “Charm City”, Baltimore is the home of the Star Spangled Banner, the world-renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital and University, Babe Ruth, and some of the best seafood on the East Coast. Several of the nation’s largest corporations’ headquarters are located there as well including McCormick & Co., T. Rowe Price Group, and Under Armour. Baltimore is often called a “city of neighborhoods”, because it is made up of hundreds of different districts. All of these neighborhoods are filled with homes that need regular pool service. With such a unique background and potential for new clientele, Baltimore is the ideal place to start your pool service business with ASP swimming pool routes for sale

According to WorldPopulationReview, Baltimore’s current estimated population is 609,841, making it the 4th most populated county in the state of Maryland. Residents in Baltimore are used to high humidity and warm weather during the summertime, and on a hot and sticky summer day, nothing feels better than taking a refreshing dip in the pool. On average, only about half of the swimming pools in the U.S. are maintained by a professional pool service. There is a wide margin for growth in the pool industry, and Baltimore is no exception. The climate in Baltimore is just another reason why it is a prime location to open your ASP franchise. Click here to see more ASP territories for sale.  

What Sets ASP Apart from Other Franchises

Until ASP made its splash in the $15 billion pool industry, the market was full of hit or miss pool service companies that struggled to meet customer expectations. An overall lack of professionalism and quality service made it hard to find a pool company you could trust. ASP changed everything and is now the number one pool service company in the U.S. with swimming pool routes for sale. Not only do we meet and exceed our client’s needs on a daily basis, ASP is the leading pool service company for franchisees as well.  

ASP’s superiority in the pool industry hasn’t gone unnoticed; we are the most nationally recognized franchise in the country. We hold honors and awards in virtually every category because of our commitment to service and integrity. Some of ASP’s awards include:

  • #8 on the 2019 Forbes list of Best Franchises to Buy (low investment category)
  • #400 on the 2019 Franchise Times Top 200+
  • Franchise Business Review 2019 Top Low-Cost Franchise
  • Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500® #1 swimming pool maintenance, repair, and renovation company

The Franchise Business Review has called ASP franchisees some of the nation’s happiest business owners. That’s because we provide the support and resources they need to build and grow their company. Our franchisees don’t have to spend the extra time, effort, and money it takes to go through the learning curve that often comes with starting your own business. Choose from one of our swimming pool routes for sale, and we will help you do the rest. America’s Swimming Pool Company has a proven business model, national credibility, and built-in marketing, all of which are meant to jump-start your pool service franchise.  

Revolutionary PoolOps Technology

Another aspect of ASP that both our clients and our franchise owners love is our unique PoolOps technology. This digital platform provides pool owners with a record of the services their pool receives after each service visit. They can stay up to date on the chemical balance of the water as well as what products were added. Clients also receive a photo of their cleaned pool after our team is finished. These features are especially helpful for landlords, commercial pool owners, and clients who need pool services while they are out of town. Franchisees love PoolOps because it streamlines their record keeping and allows them to service more pools. Instead of constantly worrying about logistics, our franchisees get to focus on making sure each customer’s individual needs are always met. 

Veterans Looking Into Franchising

Swimming Pool Routes for Sale for Veterans

The Franchise Business Review has named America’s Swimming Pool Company as a Top Franchise for Veterans multiple times. The men and women who serve our country are some of the most dependable, hardworking, and trustworthy individuals out there and we believe they deserve the opportunity for success after their service. ASP is committed to supporting veterans and their families and we offer qualified veterans a discount of 15 percent off the franchise fee. Transitioning out of the military can be a challenge, and we want to demonstrate our appreciation to veterans by helping them get started with their own pool cleaning franchise. Those who have served our country deserve nothing but the best, and the chance to franchise with ASP opens the door to a lifetime of success. Click here to learn more about our opportunities for veterans.    

Veteran Testimonials

ASP is proud to have veteran franchise owners. They bring a special level of commitment and dedication to their work and as a result, their businesses see continued growth. James King was an officer in the Marine Corps for 26 years and enlisted in the Air Force for 4 years. He learned about ASP swimming pool routes for sale after retiring from the military in 2010, and became the owner of ASP Northern Virginia. He explains why his experience with ASP has been so rewarding: 

“One of the reasons I started this business is to show my children… that you can start your own thing and make your own way. I have employees who are paying their bills based on the business that we do; they’re buying cars and getting married [with this income] so it’s definitely rewarding. They can do the jobs faster and more accurately with less call backs, and that’s a point of pride… It’s nice when people reflect back to you your pride in your service.”

Becoming an ASP Franchisee

With a 99 percent success rate and a 65 percent year-over-year rate of growth, the effort it takes to get your ASP franchise started is 100 percent worth it. After choosing one of our swimming pool routes for sale, we will walk you through the entire process to be awarded with a franchise of your very own. You will then train at PoolSchool at our headquarters in Macon, GA, and you will get to meet some of our existing franchise owners to learn more about what makes them so successful. Even after the start-up process is over, you’ll continue to receive our full support every step of the way. 

Set Yourself Up for Success with ASP

With ASP territoires for sale in Baltimore, MD and nationwide, you can take part in a franchise opportunity that will put you ahead of the competition. Swimming pool knowledge and experience are not required; in fact, many of our franchise owners are new to the industry when they come to us. Whether you have much to learn or have an existing pool company already, ASP can help you achieve the potential you dream of as the owner and operator of your own business. Visit our website to find out more about joining the nation’s leading name in premium pool service.  

America’s Swimming Pool Company is the number one pool cleaning franchise in the nation and it currently has a pool cleaning business for sale in Memphis, Tennessee. The draw to start a business in Memphis is obvious, as it has a pleasant climate, no personal income tax, an attractive cost of living, affordable real estate, and is the place where large companies like FedEx and AutoZone got their starts. From exciting new startups to large company headquarters, Memphis encompasses it all, providing a healthy and robust economy to start a pool franchise with America’s Swimming Pool Company. ASP specializes in pool cleaning, maintenance, repairs, and pool remodels. It is known nationally for providing quality products and services at affordable price points, and our franchisees experience a 99% success rate.

Why Memphis

Best Places reports that Memphis has an average of 218 sunny days, while the national average is 205. Swimming pool season lasts for a minimum of seven months throughout the year, but pool cleaning and maintenance is a year-round job. The high temperatures in July and August reach just above 90 degrees, creating perfect conditions for pool owners to take a dip and for entrepreneurs to purchase a pool cleaning business for sale. Tennessee is one of nine states in America that does not tax personal income. The state funds projects for roads and government agencies through sales tax, which is considered to be low when compared to other states. Zillow reports that the median home price in Memphis during 2019 was $86,900. The cost of living in Memphis is affordable and attractive to residents and business owners alike. Forbes Magazine ranked Memphis fourth on its list of “The Happiest Cities to Work in Right Now,” and a study by financial management site, WalletHub, ranked Memphis seventh in the nation for entrepreneurs. 

Starting a Business in Memphis

Area Development magazine ranked Tennessee second in the category for “Overall Cost of Doing Business” in 2018. The Memphis Chamber of Commerce provides an advocate for business owners and entrepreneurs to advertise and expand businesses. Joining the Chamber of Commerce in Memphis allows business owners like ASP with a pool cleaning business for sale to get referrals, list job openings for specific talents and skills, and provides exclusive marketing techniques for brands. The Memphis Chamber has a vision “to be globally recognized as a national economic leader with a global impact that fosters an authentic business environment unique to the soul of the city.” America’s Swimming Pool Company shares a similar vision – to be nationally recognized as an industry leader, providing quality pool service at an affordable price. Both share the goal to be recognized on a larger level than just within the community that they develop a business. ASP sets pool franchise owners up for success by establishing a referral network in Memphis that gives the names and addresses of pool owners, whether residential or commercial. ASP’s marketing strategy is made up of search engine optimization online advertising, mailers, business cards, and door hangers, which is proven to assist franchisees in their business success after purchasing a pool cleaning business for sale. Each franchisee is required to have a truck as a work vehicle, and the body of the vehicle will be encased in a truck wrap with the ASP brand name and logo. This also provides for business leads as franchise owners drive from appointment to appointment in their designated areas.

How to Purchase an ASP Franchise

If you are seeking to start your own ASP pool business or looking to convert a pool business that you already own, this is the place to start. America’s Swimming Pool Company has been operating off of a franchise model that has demonstrated itself victorious time and time again since 2005, when ASP founder and Chief Executive Officer, Stewart C. Vernon, created the model. Purchasing an ASP pool cleaning business for sale allows entrepreneurs to start off on the right foot. Starting a business alone does not guarantee success. In fact, it often leads to long hours, expends energy, leaving owners exhausted, and costs a lot of money. At ASP, our cost to own a franchise ranked eighth on Forbes Magazine’s Best Businesses to Buy in 2019 in the Low-Investment Category. Analysts from Frandata found that the midpoint initial investment to purchase a franchise with America’s Swimming Pool Company is $126,716. ASP currently has 310 pool franchise operating units and an impressive 14.62% five-year growth rate. Joining the pool cleaning industry, which is a $15 billion industry, has never been so promising. Below you will see an itemization of the costs to own an ASP franchise:

  • Total Initial Investment: $108,000 – $145,000.
  • Initial Capital Needed When Purchasing a Pool Cleaning Business for Sale: $98,000 which includes the franchise fee. The franchise fee starts at $42,000, though the average is $46,500. This fee is determined by the size and population of the territory. It is also dependant on the number of pools in the area. Business outfittings are also included in the price of $98,000, including a truck wrap. This costs about $13,100.  Initial marketing expenses are $22,500 and the Operations Pool Start Up Kits has a price tag of $10,280.
  • Ongoing Fees:
    • Royalty Fee: Ranges between 4% and 8%, with the average being 4.9%. 
    • Marketing: 1% pays for the National Brand Development Fund
    • PoolOps: $120 per month pays for our state-of-the-art software program that allows franchise owners to manage their business more efficiently.
    • Website and Technology Fee: $350 per month. 
  • Additional Capital within the First Year of Operations: $30,000 of additional money is needed within the first year to cover operating expenses. This includes licensing, insurance, office costs, expenses for attending pool school, additional marketing, and advertising. 

Purchasing a pool cleaning business for sale with America’s Swimming Pool Company is affordable, and a majority of the advertising work is set up for you by the expert team at the ASP headquarters. Prior to committing to purchasing a franchise with ASP, potential owners have the opportunity to meet the friendly staff and trainers who will teach them all things pool. 

What to Expect at Pool School

New franchise owners are required to attend Pool School, where ASP executives will teach them installations, repairs, remodels, equipment, cleaning processes, marketing, human resources, accounting and finance, and more. Franchisees walk away from Pool School with complete confidence in knowing how to operate a prosperous new pool business. Our philosophy is, if you fail, we fail. That is why we give you every tool you will need in the field of operations to hit the ground running and start building up a clientele. The ASP headquarters located in Macon, Georgia, features a 20,000 square foot highly advanced facility where franchisees attend Pool School. The training campus has twelve functional display pools, a classroom, outdoor swimming pools, and all pool equipment that is used for repairs, remodels, resurfacing, maintenance, and cleaning. Miguel Macias, who bought the Reno, Nevada, ASP pool cleaning business for sale said, “ASP provided me with the best operational support and training I have ever seen in any franchise. ASP has an extensive and thorough operations manual and a proven, successful operations plan. All I have to do it follow it! It can’t get any better than that!” ASP has designed a perfect blueprint for franchisees, and all they need to do is execute that blueprint and success will be abundant. Franchisees will each be assigned a coach and mentor who will work diligently with new owners during the first few months of operations.

Meet the ASP Team

It is no surprise that running a nation-wide successful brand in the pool industry is created and managed by those who have extensive experience in the pool industry and have also worked as operators in the field. Stewart Vernon, the CEO of ASP, manages the operations of the franchise company including public relations, vendor interactions and relations, financial analytics, and strategic organizing and oversight of the ASP staff. Jef Flournoy will become a familiar face to those looking to purchase an ASP pool cleaning business for sale as he is responsible for the development of franchise sales. Jimmie Meece acts as ASP’s Senior Vice President and will greet new franchisees on their first day of Pool School training. He also works closely with his operations team to support franchisees in day to day operations including business planning, budgeting, and QuickBooks support. 

Why You Should Purchase the Memphis ASP Pool Cleaning Business for Sale

With support from ASP on your side, there is a guarantee that your new business will thrive. Many of our new franchise owners find that their business is growing so quickly, they need to hire employees to assist them in managing all of their accounts. Dive in head first, call us today. 

Starting your own business is many people’s ideal of the American Dream. When referring to the highly sought after American Dream, considered the equal opportunity for anyone to reach their highest goals and aspirations, it is common to think of starting a business. Being your own boss has its perks. It also has its stresses. In order to eliminate those stresses, America’s Swimming Pool Company created franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs across the nation. Starting a pool business has never been so successful. ASP franchising takes the unknowns out of starting a business. Joel Davis of Frisco, Texas, is the newest face of America’s Swimming Pool Company.  Davis’s territory in Frisco is also known as the home of the Dallas Cowboys, where the World Headquarters for the all-star football team are located. And like the Cowboys, Davis has picked a winning location with a winning company. 

About ASP Franchise Owner, Joel Davis

Davis was born and raised in Michigan but relocated to Texas in 2005. He married his high school sweetheart in 1990, and they have raised three children together. He and his wife of 29 years have watched the communities of Texas grow and develop into the prosperous neighborhoods they are today. Davis has a career background in telecommunications and engineering as he worked for major carriers like Verizon, Quest, and CenturyLink. He never thought he would be starting a pool business in the future. He says he got tired of “climbing the ladder” and always having a boss. Davis’s family has the entrepreneurial spirit, with his brother as a business owner, and he says he caught the bug as well. Seven years ago, Davis started his own yogurt company, but decided that he “wanted more.” He said he did some soul searching to determine his next business venture. Words that his father uttered to him rang true. Words like “I wish I would have…” Davis said he started working for a competing pool cleaning and maintenance company prior to finding the opportunity with ASP. But one important day, he found America’s Swimming Pool Company. The technological advancements that ASP had to offer hooked Davis immediately. He says he was drawn to ASP because of its appearance, high standards, and PoolOps technology. He said goodbye to the competition and went all-in with ASP, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have him join our family. Davis says he feels the professional mentors he gets from joining the ASP family will greatly impact him and his success. He feels some of his customer service skills for starting a pool business include relationship building with clients, honesty and integrity, and sticking to core values. 

Why America’s Swimming Pool Company?

It is no secret that America’s Swimming Pool is a successful franchise. After all, it was ranked on the Forbes list of The Top Ten Best Franchises to Buy in 2019. ASP has professional brand name recognition throughout the country for offering excellent price points for superior pool maintenance and service. That is why we continue to offer a pool franchise for sale. A few of the most common services offered by ASP include pool renovations, resurfacing, cleaning, maintenance, repairs, and service. In 2005, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of ASP, Stewart C. Vernon, created the franchise model. The model has been tested and proven in nearly every state in America, and data shows that franchise owners have a 99% success rate. At ASP, we feel that if you fail, we fail. We set our franchisees up for success from day one. The investment capital needed to purchase a franchise with ASP is affordable when compared to other swimming pool companies. Our Pool School teaches owners, no matter their professional background, how to be an expert in the pool service industry. Franchisees will hit the ground running once they start operating in their territories. 

Capital Needed for Starting a Pool Business with ASP

To purchase an ASP franchise, the Midpoint Initial Investment is $126,716. The range drops as low as $108,088, and reaches up to $145,343, depending on the location of the franchise, population and territory size. Below is the itemization of the cost to start a business with ASP:

  • Initial Capital: the initial capital needed to purchase a franchise is $58,000. This covers the average franchise fee of $36,000. However, the franchise fee starts as low as $32,000. The initial capital of $58,000 also includes business outfittings and marketing expenses.  
  • Additional Capital: additional money between $15,000 and $36,000 is also needed within the first few months to cover the territory and population size. 
  • Royalty Fees: royalty Fees are between four and eight percent. The average is 5.5 percent. Royalty fees are based on the success of each franchise. The more successful your franchise, the lower your royalty fee.
  • Marketing: The National Brand Development Fund for marketing requires one percent of the franchise revenue. This makes starting a pool business with ASP, a thriving venture from day one. 
  • Pool Ops: PoolOps Technology, which is America’s Swimming Pool Company’s software system that allows franchise owners to schedule appointments, record data, communicate with customers, and work more effectively, costs $120 per month. There is an additional cost of $20 for each additional vehicle.  
  • Website and Technology: The website and technology fee is $350 per month. 

Training and Education Prior to Starting Business Operations

America’s Swimming Pool Company has the most up to date features for swimming pools located at our company headquarters. It is at our training campus that those who purchased a pool franchise for sale will learn the ins and out of the pool service business. This 12-day training includes business operations like human resources training, accounting and finance, marketing, and advertising. Everything that business owners need in order to run a successful business is taught at Pool School. Prior to starting a pool business, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to meet with the executives at ASP headquarters. Many of these executives were once pool franchise owners themselves and know the daily tasks and challenges that franchisees will encounter. They can tell you from first-hand experience what your life as a business owner with ASP will be like once you are operating in the field. You can also discuss financials with our executive team. America’s Swimming Pool Company is proud to offer veterans a 15% discount off the franchise fee. Once our business owners have committed to purchasing a franchise, they attend Pool School at our 20,000 square foot training campus. The facility has a warehouse with equipment and products, 12 fully functional display pools, a classroom, break room, and two outdoor swimming pools. Brad Cole, who owns the Montgomery, Alabama ASP franchise, said the following about his training at Pool School, “ ASP has prepared the foundation to starting a pool business. The education I received at Pool School gave me the confidence I needed since I began knowing nothing about swimming pools. I am now an expert at swimming pool maintenance and repair.”

ASP Support 

Graduating from Pool School is not the end of the road for franchise owners and corporate headquarters. The relationship and support live on. During the first three months of operating your pool business with ASP, franchisees will be provided with a mentor. This mentor will be available to you to answer any questions and offer help and support. ASP also hosts annual franchise meetings where owners can learn from each other’s experiences to grow and develop even better business practices. Regional round-table meetings help franchisees connect and grow their businesses with those in nearby areas. Franchisees also receive ongoing onsite technical support, peer review sessions, and assistance from our dedicated marketing and public relations team after starting a pool business. Clint Rowley, who owns the Mesa, Arizona ASP, said the following about Pool School and the support he receives from ASP headquarters, “I have a background in franchising, and I can tell you that this organization has it together. Their systems are well thought out and detailed. The marketing is effective and easy to use and deploy. The accounting training was top notch and gives the owners all the tools they need to know exactly how healthy their business is, no matter their financial background. The mentoring is detailed and supportive. The technical support crew is as knowledgeable as I have ever seen and has helped me not only diagnose problems but quote jobs right in a client’s backyard.” Other franchise owners have referred to ASP’s support as a “secret weapon.” They are always available to answer questions, from simple bookkeeping to mechanical issues, and even buying-out a competitor. This is something that competing pool maintenance and service companies cannot and do not offer. 

Why You Should Buy an ASP Franchise

Don’t continue living your life wishing you had taken action to get control of your future. It is never too late to be your own boss. Join the rewarding and profitable business venture of America’s Swimming Pool Company. Starting a pool business will allow you to grow a business into a viable asset that can set you up for a thriving future. Contact us today

America’s Swimming Pool Company is celebrating after receiving yet another prestigious honor to add to its collection: The 2019 Franchise Times Top 200+ Franchises (which includes 500 different franchises), ASP was ranked number 400. The list consists of some of the top franchises in the world, including McDonald’s, 7-Eleven, Marriott Hotels and Resorts, and RE/MAX. The magazine ranked America’s largest franchises according to their global systemwide sales during the previous year. With a significant increase in sales growth, ASP moved up the list three spots from its spot in 2018. With all of its awards, honors, and recognitions, ASP continues to prove that it leads the swimming pool maintenance industry in every category. From customer satisfaction to franchisee success and everything in between, ASP outperforms the competition year after year. And while we take pride in our national recognitions, the ASP family and philosophy are what make the real difference in our brand. If you want to know how to start a pool cleaning service with one of the nation’s best franchises, ASP has all the tools you need to begin your own successful company.

Making the Top 200+

Becoming one of the top franchises in America is no easy feat. To qualify for the Franchise Times Top 200+, a company must be a legal U.S. franchise with at least 15 percent of its total units owned by franchisees. It must be based in the U.S., or at least 10 percent of its total units must exist within the country. ASP is 100 percent franchised, with all 265 of its franchises in the United States. Our 22.1 percent sales growth and 4.3 percent unit growth earned ASP a coveted spot on the list this year. 

Franchise Times Top 200+ Methodology

Many of the top business rankings are formulated with the use of methods that are subjective. While these are valuable in their own way, it’s also important to have an objective look at where a company stands compared to other franchises. Entrepreneurs who are interested in learning how to start a pool cleaning service can feel confident knowing that ASP has a 65 percent year-over-year growth rate and a 99 percent franchisee success rate. The numbers don’t lie, and The Franchise Times Top 200+ is the only objective franchise ranking out there. Backed by over 20 years of research, the annual list is put together by experts over a five-month period of collecting, analyzing, and verifying the numbers. The magazine is serious about the accuracy and credibility of its results. Its website states: 

“Our research team spends months compiling information for the rankings, the five-year sales history graphs, Top 10 lists and industry subcategories, and then reconciling to ensure all published data is accurate and all estimates are based on a solid sales formula.”

Click here to learn more about the methods used to compile the Franchise Times Top 200+.

The Power of the ASP Brand

Earning honors and awards is an effective way to enhance a brand’s influence, but it takes time to get to that point. Anyone who has ever tried to start a business knows how hard it can be to create awareness and recognition of a product or service. Figuring out how to start a pool cleaning service with a strong brand takes time, money, and resources that are better put to use in developing your business in other ways.

America’s Swimming Pool Company was started in 2002 by Stewart C. Vernon. Three years later, he implemented the ASP franchise business model and now it is one of the fastest-growing franchises in the nation. The work to build a well-known quality brand has already been done for you. 

When you partner with America’s Swimming Pool Company, you get the benefits of owning a pool service franchise with a brand that consumers across the country already know and trust. ASP is the leading name in the pool industry and is known for its premier pool maintenance, cleaning, and repair services.  

Built-In Marketing

The advantages of a solid marketing system are undeniable. ASP provides its franchise owners the resources they need to build a strong customer base, including:

  • Complete profiles of area pool owners
  • Rights to use the ASP brand
  • Professional promotional materials
  • Locally customized website 
  • A 10-week marketing plan of action
  • In-house support for PR and marketing
  • ASP signs and vehicle decals

Knowing how to start a pool cleaning service isn’t the only important part of franchising; you will need to get the word out to local pool owners. While you are taking care of your existing swimming pool clients, ASP has the resources in place to help you sustain and grow your business through effective marketing strategies. 

Learning from Experienced Owners

Another valuable resource ASP offers is our franchisees themselves. Our knowledgeable franchise owners know what it takes to grow and achieve success. They are ready and willing to share with new ASP owners the tips and tricks of the trade. Franchisees also have access to our unrivaled system of support and resources to help them get their pool business started on the right foot. In Mesa, Arizona, ASP franchise owner Clint Rowley has had an experience that he says “has been nothing but stellar” thus far. His franchise earned the 2016 Franchise of the Year award, the 2015 Chairman’s Club Award, and the 2014 President’s Club Award. He explains that ASP helped him learn how to start a pool cleaning service successfully:

“I have a background in franchising, and I can tell you that this organization has it together. Their systems are well thought out and detailed. The marketing is effective and easy to use and deploy. The accounting training was top notch and gives the owners all the tools they need to know exactly how healthy their business is, no matter their financial background. The mentoring is detailed and supportive. The technical support crew is as knowledgeable as I have ever seen and has helped me not only diagnose problems but quote jobs right in a client’s backyard.” 

Reading about the experiences of existing ASP franchise owners can help you make decisions about your potential future with the company. You wouldn’t buy something online without reading its reviews first, so why not research your investment opportunity by learning from people who have already committed to it? According to a recent survey conducted by the Franchise Business Review, ASP franchisees are some of the most satisfied franchise owners in the nation. For more insight into what it’s really like owning a pool service franchise with ASP, read more testimonials here.

How to Start a Pool Cleaning Service With ASP

Hundreds of franchisees have entered the path of success with ASP. You, too, can take advantage of the $15 billion pool industry. There are almost 11 million swimming pools in the U.S. and only about half of them utilize a pool cleaning or maintenance service. The room for growth in the pool industry is tremendous, and if you’re ready to dive right in, here are the steps you’ll need to take:

  • Education: Just as you want to learn more about ASP, we want to learn about you. You will provide the information we need by filling out your Request for Consideration form. You can learn everything you need to know about us from our ASP Online Learning Center, FAQs, and a one on one call with our team.
  • Disclosure: Next, you will review our Franchise Disclosure Document and the franchise agreement. We will go over and explain the details to you, and address any questions you may have about how to start a pool cleaning service with us. If you lack the required capital and need to borrow to begin your new business, we can refer you to available sources.
  • Validation: In this exciting next step, you will get to attend our Meet the Team Day at our corporate headquarters in Macon, Georgia. This will be your chance to get acquainted with some of our current franchisees and to learn firsthand from their experiences. 
  • Franchise Award: This will mark the official beginning of your partnership with America’s Swimming Pool Company. You are awarded a franchise territory and receive our ASP Letter of Intent explaining all the details.
  • Franchise Agreement Execution: The only thing left to do before embarking on your ASP franchise journey will be to sign the franchise agreement and pay the related fee. After that, you’ll receive your study materials so you can get ready for your training period at Pool School – ASP’s program for teaching everything you need to know about how to start a pool cleaning service.

Get Ready to Make a Splash With Your ASP Franchise

ASP has been honored time and time again as an outstanding franchise opportunity because we provide all the resources, training, and support to help our franchisees thrive. If you crave the independence of owning your own business but don’t want the hassle or risks of going it alone, an ASP franchise could be the career path for you. Visit our website to learn more about starting your own pool service franchise with ASP – America’s Swimming Pool Company.