New ASP Franchise Owner at Pool School Training

New ASP Franchise Owner at Pool School Training (Oct. 2019)

Americans spend thousands of dollars every year on it. Entire television networks are dedicated to it. An online search for it gets over 2 billion results. Home improvement has been growing in popularity over the last several years. According to a recent report published by researchers at Harvard University, the home remodeling market has grown more than 50 percent since the end of the recession. What does this mean for America’s Swimming Pool Company and its franchises? There is an abundance of opportunity for growth and profits because the market for businesses that provide home updates is so hot. 

Rising Demand Meets the Staffing Shortage

The Harvard report, “Improving America’s Housing 2019”, gives insight into the historical trends and current state of the home remodeling market. It states, “…almost 80 percent of the nation’s 137 million homes are now at least 20 years old, and 40 percent are at least 50 years old.” With aging homes come aging pools, and a quality pool service business like ASP can capitalize on the rising demand for pool maintenance, repairs, and refurbishments.  

With the construction of new homes slowing down and our existing homes getting older, Americans are updating, remodeling, and renovating their homes more than ever. And while DIY projects are a popular way to try some trendy updates, most homeowners look to the professionals when it comes to larger, more challenging jobs. The demand has grown so much, however, that the labor industry is struggling to keep up with it. The skilled workers who once painted our homes and plastered our pools are retiring. Millennials entering the workforce are more focused on jobs that center around technology. Many of them are unwilling or untrained to work in the service industry.

The Need for Quality Workers

Aqua Magazine recently published an article by Eric Herman called “Limited by Labor,”

in which he explains the staffing shortage and its effects on the pool industry. Spoiler alert: it’s good news if you are looking to buy a pool service business. He says, “The millennial generation, in general, shows little enthusiasm for construction work, population growth is slowing, and the workforce is aging. But mainly, the same force that has ginned up demand for pools is making workers scarce. That force is the roaring economy.

With the economy in high gear, people want to buy more of everything (including pools), but with a limited workforce fully engaged in producing more of everything, there aren’t enough workers to go around.”   

Starting a swimming pool franchise with America’s Swimming Pool Company gives entrepreneurs the chance to take advantage of the healthy economy as well as the shortage of pool service providers. Herman refers to Aqua Magazine’s 2019 State of the Industry survey which revealed the biggest challenges for pool builders today. He quotes one survey participant: “There are not enough young people coming in who want to really work hard and learn how to build a pool with quality and care about their work.” Another said, “We could double our business with the right people.” 

ASP believes the franchisees who start a pool service business with us are the ‘right people.’ Hard work, superior service, and commitment to their customers are a large part of what makes ASP franchise owners so successful. In fact, ASP franchisees have a 99 percent success rate. America’s Swimming Pool Company provides all the training and support necessary for our business owners to outperform the competition from the very beginning.

Opportunity is Knocking

The labor shortage is drawing attention quickly, as various sectors of the service industry try to keep up with booming demand. Authority Brands is the parent company of ASP as well as six other leading home service franchises. The companies under the Authority Brands umbrella provide home services throughout the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Kenya, and Indonesia with over 1,675 franchise locations. These businesses provide jobs for people with skills in plumbing, cleaning, electricity, and more. All types of trades are in need of skilled workers, including the pool service business, which means that now could be the perfect time to tap into those rising opportunities. 

Diving Into the Pool Industry

People love to swim. Whether it’s aquatic aerobics classes at the gym, toddler time at the neighborhood pool, or a relaxing evening in your own backyard, there’s just something we love about being in the water. All the enjoyment to be found in pools has created a 15 billion dollar industry that isn’t going away anytime soon. Every single one of the 10.4 million swimming pools in the U.S. needs to be properly cared for and maintained, but only about half of them utilize a pool cleaning business to do so. The opportunity for growth in the pool industry is tremendous, especially with the shortage of quality pool service providers. Starting a swimming pool franchise with ASP is the best way to take advantage of the perfect conditions present in the market today.

Partner Your Pool Service Business With ASP

ASP is the largest swimming pool service company in the nation, and we have the systems in place to help make our franchise owners successful. Since opening for business in 2002, we have sought to provide unmatched pool services to our customers around the U.S. ASP helps residential and commercial pool owners with all of their pool-related needs, including regular maintenance and cleaning, diagnostics, repairs, pool supplies, refurbishments, and even full renovations. Americans are ready to invest in updates to their homes and pools, so why not partner with the best in the pool business?

Partnering with ASP means business owners get the best of both worlds; they get to benefit from our experience and support without having to share ownership of their business. ASP has been awarded time and time again for our excellence in the pool industry, including the following recognitions:

  • Ranked #8 on Forbes Magazine’s Best Franchises to Buy in 2019 (low investment category)
  • Listed on Franchise 500’s fastest-growing franchises 7 years in a row
  • Top Low-Cost Franchise in 2019 by Franchise Business Review
  • Best Swimming Pool Maintenance Franchise to open in 2019 by Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500®

 Starting a pool service business with a well-known and trusted name like America’s Swimming Pool Company puts you ahead of the competition from day one. Find out more about the attention ASP has received for its award-winning franchise success here.

Steps to Success

The path to becoming your own boss is already paved for you with America’s Swimming Pool Company. We have proven business models that allow our franchisees to benefit from how we’ve grown as a company with time and experience. With extensive training and complete ongoing support, ASP is fully invested in our franchise owners. We know that we can only be successful together. For more information on starting a pool franchise with our turnkey system, click here.  

 Whether you have experience in the swimming pool industry or not, ASP offers the training that will prepare you to build and grow your franchise. Even after you get started operating your pool service business, you will always have access to ASP support. Some of the specific resources we are proud to provide for our franchisees include:

  • Pool School: twelve days of training at corporate headquarters
  • Operational and technical support
  • Franchise and round-table meetings held regularly
  • Public relations and marketing strategies

 Learning From Other Franchise Owners

 According to a recent survey conducted by Franchise Business Review, America’s Swimming Pool Company has some of the nation’s most satisfied franchise owners. With all the training, resources, and support we provide, we make sure they have all the tools they need to be set up for success. As you pursue your new pool business partnership with us, you will have the opportunity to hear and learn from our experienced franchisees. Their testimonials are proof that ASP can help you achieve your goals for your future. Graham Banks, an ASP pool service business owner in Florida, and winner of both the 2018 President’s Club Award and the 2018 Exceptional Customer Service Award had this to say about his experience:

“ASP is a professional, reliable, and trustworthy organization. Before joining ASP, I looked at tons of different franchise groups and organizations, and none of them made me feel the way ASP does. I know they have my back and will support me and help me in any way they can. What drew me to ASP was the professionalism and the technology, which was something completely new for the profession. I got really excited about understanding how I could use that to change the perception of the pool industry within my community.”

Learn More to Earn More

Do you ever think about becoming your own boss? Do you find satisfaction providing superior services to your customers? Starting a swimming pool franchise with ASP would allow you to achieve these dreams all while earning a high return on your pool service business investment. Click here to learn more about your high potential for success with America’s Swimming Pool Company.

Are you looking to be your own boss and work in an industry that will provide you with your dream lifestyle? America’s Swimming Pool Company is a service-based industry that provides superior customer service for swimming pool maintenance, cleanings, pool remodels, and resurfacing. ASP maintains a strong reputation throughout America for having operators with extensive knowledge and skills and currently has a franchise for sale for the Daytona Beach, Florida area. ASP has more than 310 franchise locations throughout the nation and continues to expand at a 65% year-over-year growth rate.

Why Daytona Beach?

Florida—it is the Sunshine State, the Orange State, the Peninsula State, the state in America that drew more than 126 million tourists in 2018, and the place where people want to live because it makes them feel like they are on vacation year round. Whatever nickname you want to call Florida, the fact is that the state is an attractive place to live, and a prime location to buy a pool cleaning business for sale. Florida is the third most populous state in America, and Daytona Beach ranks as one of the top 40 most populated cities in the state out of 410 municipalities. The sunny, subtropical climate is enjoyed by residents all year long, and swimming pools are a common luxury amongst property owners and commercial properties. With more than 11 million pools throughout the United States, and over 28,000 in the Daytona Beach market, it is a prime location to start a pool franchise with America’s Swimming Pool Company. 

The Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce provides opportunities for local business owners to grow and develop. The Daytona Chamber of Commerce dedicates itself to “advocating a strong economic and business environment and serves as a platform through which members and the entire business community can thrive.” An active Chamber of Commerce can benefit franchise owners of America’s Swimming Pool Company, as they receive support from ASP and the local Chamber. There are currently only two other swimming pool cleaning and maintenance companies listed with the Daytona Chamber, which means America’s Swimming Pool Company can be an instant success with the knowledge, skills, and reputation that go along with the ASP brand. Graham Banks, who bought an ASP pool cleaning business for sale in Jupiter, Florida, feels that the State has provided his business with unlimited opportunities. “There hasn’t been a week or a month where my business has not grown and developed and become more profitable,” said Banks. Clearly, Florida is a prime location for a swimming pool franchise

The ASP Vision

The owner of ASP, Stewart C. Vernon, started the company in 2002 with the vision to provide pool owners with higher quality pool service. In 2005, Vernon created a franchise model that would provide entrepreneurs with the dream of starting their own business, but with mentorship and guidance from professionals who were already living the pool service business dream. He wanted a model that would consist of a low-barrier entry, and nationwide development, filling a hole in the pool service and maintenance industry. Vernon has accomplished his dream as ASP continues to list pool cleaning businesses for sale, and his model provides a 99% success rate for franchisees.

ASP Support

Starting a business is hard work. The pool cleaning business can be especially tricky, trying to make a name for yourself and purchase all the equipment needed to service pools, remodel, resurface, repair, and clean. Buying a pool franchise is easier and wiser than going at it alone. America’s Swimming Pool Company sets its franchisees up for success from the start. Owners know that they can rely on ASP for help and support in any aspect of the industry. 

ASP has been named on Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 list for nine years in a row. The Franchise 500 list is mostly based on franchise owner satisfaction. Herschel Forester, an ASP franchise owner in Dallas, Texas, previously had a pool cleaning business of his own for 19 years. He said he had hit a wall and was looking to increase revenue but could not make it happen on his own. He found a pool cleaning business for sale with ASP and knew it was the right company to join. “With the guidance and accountability of my partners as ASP, some significant and positive changes have been made,” said Forester. “The company is now more robust and is positioned well for further growth. Since I have come on board with ASP, I have tripled my total income and have become a better businessman.” This is a common story amongst pool franchise owners, and whether they already had a pool cleaning business or have never touched pool equipment in their lifetime, ASP can direct and set up franchise owners up for immediate success. 

Training with ASP

The headquarters for America’s Swimming Pool Company is located in Macon, Georgia, where franchise owners will find a state-of-the-art training facility that is fully stocked with all pool equipment and numerous pools needed for in-depth training. It is in Macon that all  franchise owners attend America’s Swimming Pool Company’s Pool School in the 20,000 square foot training facility, before operating in their new franchise territory. The training facility is equipped with twelve fully functional display pools, a display room with all pool products and equipment that is used after purchasing a pool cleaning business for sale, a dual exterior training pool, hands on equipment training, and on-site installation and repair processes. The experts at ASP will teach franchise owners how to conduct pool water analysis and provide them with safety training. A fully stocked break room is there to make franchisees feel comfortable, and to provide them with a relaxing atmosphere indoors and outdoors. The training program at Pool School also teaches complete “green-to-clean” processes, where ASP technicians learn how to turn murky and unsafe water into crystal clear water and a safe swimming environment. Pool School also covers training on all equipment and every installation that would ever be needed in the field as well as marketing techniques and accounting practices. 

When franchisees graduate from ASP’s Pool School, they leave as skilled experts in the industry, ready to serve their new community and create a booming business. Clint Rowley bought an ASP pool cleaning business for sale in Mesa, Arizona, and has been with ASP over five years. He views Pool School as an informational and all-inclusive training program. “Their systems are well thought out and detailed,” Rowley said. “The marketing is effective and easy to use and deploy. The accounting training was top notch and gave the owners all the tools they need to know exactly how healthy their business is, no matter their financial background. The mentoring is detailed and supportive. The technical support crew is as knowledgeable as I have ever seen and has helped me not only diagnose problems but quote jobs right in a client’s backyard.” ASP owners and operators feel so comfortable and knowledgeable in the industry after completing Pool School, that customers see their skills and confidence that are directly related to knowing that the ASP brand name is superior to all other pool service companies.

How Much it Costs to Purchase an ASP Pool Cleaning Business for Sale

America’s Swimming Pool Company recently made the list of Forbes Top 10 Best Franchises to Buy in the low investment range. Prior to making the list, FRANdata analysts, in conjunction with Forbes analysts, looked at data from more than 3,300 franchises that 1) exhibited strength in historical performance and growth, 2) leadership, 3) commitment to the franchise model, and 4) transparency of information. America’s Swimming Pool Company landed itself as number eight on the Forbes Top 10 list. Data from the study shows that the average initial investment is $126,716 across 310 ASP franchises. The five-year growth rate that analysts found is 14.62%. Below is a cost breakdown of where the money goes when purchasing an ASP franchise:

  • Franchise Fee: approximately $46,500 but is dependent on the size of the territory and population. An ASP expert can give exact numbers based on specific territories. The franchise fee for buying a pool cleaning business for sale starts as low as $42,000.
  • Truck Outfittings: $6,000, which covers all the equipment, tools, and chemicals that will be stocked in an ASP vehicle to start operating in your territory. This is a fixed expense.  
  • Business Outfittings: $4,413 which covers items like ASP hats, shirts, door hangers, letterhead, envelopes, Service Work order forms, marketing materials, business cards, Thank You notes, stickers, yard signs, and ASP contracts. 
  • Truck Wrap: $2,700 is needed to complete a full body wrap on franchisee’s work trucks. A truck is required to start an ASP franchise.
  • Operations Start Up Kit: $10,278 which contains an Operations Manual, Quick Reference Guide, and Pool School Pro CD that all franchisees will receive prior to attending Pool School. At Pool School, franchisees will be provided with an Equipment Repair and Replacement Manual and CD, swimming pool customer map and data, Emergency Response Spill Kit, ASP Customer Contacts and Routing software for the business. 
  • Initial Advertising: $22,500 and goes towards marketing in the new territory towards swimming pool owners, customized website development, and direct mail advertising that is geared to pool owners and commercial properties with pools. After buying a pool cleaning business for sale, online promotions are imperative to the franchise success, as well as pay per click leads, and promotions to local news media. All of the marketing as mentioned above, and advertising is completed by the headquarters office so that franchisees can focus on the day to day operations and customer service.
  • TOTAL: $92,391 (this amount is an estimate, as the Franchise Fee cost varies depending on population and territory size). 

Additional costs are needed within the first year of starting operations that amount to about $30,000. 


America’s Swimming Pool Company is a leader in the pool service industry because of its technologically advanced systems, superior customer service, first-class technician training, proven marketing strategies, exceptional franchisee support, and brand name recognition. Contact ASP today to discover how you can become the new owner of the ASP pool cleaning business for sale in Daytona Beach, Florida, location. 

Starting a business, in general, is daunting. That is why so many people back down from the challenge. The fear of failure is something that every human experience. This fear is why so many people never go on to achieve the goals they dream of the most. But what if there was a business model that had a 99% success rate? What if there was a business that would allow you to be your own boss and the owner of your own company, that also nearly guaranteed success? There is. It is called franchising with ASP— America’s Swimming Pool Company. ASP currently has 310 franchises across America, and that number continues to rise as entrepreneurs discover that they can achieve their dream of owning a business without failure, a reality. ASP is a pool franchise business that provides pool owners with maintenance, service, repairs, remodels, resurfacing, installations, and all things pools. 

Starting a Pool Business

Mike Sasseen, who started a pool service franchise with ASP in Central Missouri, admits it is a tough industry to learn alone. “Having that guidance means everything,” said Sasseen. “In the swimming pool industry, without the buying power, you are going to struggle. Almost everything you buy from the distributor is, the more you buy, the less you pay. Without that franchise model, we would struggle.” Sasseen, like all other ASP franchisees, knew that the only way to nearly guarantee success in the pool service industry was to join a well-respected organization with a tried and true franchise model. America’s Swimming Pool Company thrives because of its established referral network, and affordable prices from distributors, which are then passed on to the customers, technologically driven processes, brand name recognition, and superior customer service. All franchise owners operate their ASP pool business within the community that they live. This allows for quick response times and personal connections with customers. When you start a pool business with ASP, you will be known for professionalism, reliability, and trustworthiness. We are the leader in the pool industry and for a good reason. 

ASP Franchisee Training

Pool service franchise owners and operators with ASP attend first-class training called Pool School. During Pool School training all franchisees learn every aspect of running an ASP pool business franchise from equipment, installations, Green-to-Clean processes, maintenance, marketing for their business, and accounting, just to name a few. Even if you know nothing about pools, we welcome you. And if you do, we welcome you, too. Every person has an opportunity to be successful with the ASP franchise model and training. Nick Carver, an ASP franchise owner who operates in Panama City, Florida, learned everything he would ever need to know about starting a pool business at Pool School. “The support they give through the training center at Pool School was very beneficial to me,” said Carver. “I started out not knowing anything about the swimming pool industry.” Carver is proof that Pool School sets franchisees up for success regardless of their experience with pools. All of the experts who teach at Pool School will train and give new franchise owners the opportunity to practice the specific skill set that they will need once in the field, no matter the circumstance. “Being able to put my hands on pumps and filters and learn water chemistry and testing – it has helped tremendously,” said Miguel Macias who runs the ASP franchise in Reno, Nevada and previously served for 24 years in the United States Navy. The franchise model that was created by America’s Swimming Pool Company’s founder, Stewart C. Vernon in 2005, gives a precise blueprint and process to follow for those starting a pool business. Everything needed for success is set up for franchisees during Pool School, regardless of their professional background. 

A Technologically Driven Company

America’s Swimming Pool Company utilizes the proprietary software system called PoolOps. PoolOps technology allows technicians to keep the lines of communication open with customers. It is through the PoolOps mobile application that franchisees can provide scheduling, dispatching, track inventory, track equipment, monitor workforce, and deliver pictures and information to customers once service is performed. Graham Banks, the owner of ASP in Jupiter, Florida, said the professionalism and technology that comes with ASP is what drew him to become a franchise owner. “I got really excited about understanding how I could use that technology to change the perception of the pool industry within my community,” said Banks. “Before joining ASP, I looked at tons of different franchise groups and organizations. None of them made me feel the way ASP did and does. I know they have got my back and they’ll support me and help me in any way that they can.”

ASP Awards and Franchise Support

Entrepreneur Franchise 500 has had its eye on America’s Swimming Pool Company for nine straight years and starting a pool business with ASP continues to rank in the top 500 franchises to buy in America list since 2010. In fact, ASP landed itself the number one spot on the list for Best Pool Franchises to Buy in 2018. Analysts who compile the Franchise 500 list look at many factors when ranking companies, including:

  • Cost and Fees: this includes the franchise fee, total investment, and royalty fees.
  • Franchise Support: this includes training times, marketing support, operational support, franchisor infrastructure, financing available, and litigation.
  • Size and Growth: this includes open and operating units, growth rate, and closures.
  • Brand Strength: this includes social media, system size, years in business, years franchising.
  • Financial Strength and Stability: this includes franchisor’s audited financial statements.  

America’s Swimming Pool Company also ranked on the Forbes Top 10 Best Franchises to Buy in 2019 in the Low Investment Range category. Analysts found that starting a pool business with ASP has a midpoint initial investment of $126,000. Franchise Business Review listed ASP in the top 80 of Top Low-Cost Business Franchises to Buy in 2018. Franchise Business Review, along with many of the prestigious awards and rankings completed by other analysts, heavily consider franchisee satisfaction. ASP is proud to be ranked amongst the top 100 Best Franchises for Veterans to Buy in 2018. Macias, who owns the Reno ASP franchise, was grateful for the opportunity provided to him as a military veteran. “As a military member, I was used to following operation plans and orders. ASP provides you with all of that. You have a comprehensive operations plan, and if you have questions, you have a great team that you can call, and they’ll answer anything for you.” ASP offers a 15% discount on the Franchise Fee to veterans. Shaun Hurley who started a pool business with ASP in Atlanta, Georgia, said the following when talking about the superior support he receives from the corporate office. “It is a family environment that you can call on anybody at any point, and they are always willing to help you.” Franchisees are satisfied in their business and feel confident knowing that they can get the support they need from America’s Swimming Pool Company executives at any time. 

Live the Life You Have Always Wanted

Maintaining and servicing a pool is critical to the water safety, the safety of swimmers, clarity, and longevity of the pool equipment. Only 50% of pools in the United States are currently receiving service while 100% of pools need service. The pool industry is one where there will always be a need. Clint Rowley bought a franchise with ASP in Mesa, Arizona, where it is pool weather year-round. An ASP franchise has given him and his family the lifestyle they have always wanted. “Starting a pool business has given us time, which is probably the most valuable part,” said Rowley. Most franchisees with ASP will agree with Rowley when he says it has given him more time to do the things he loves most and spend time with the people he loves the most. 

Why You Should Join ASP

There are 11 million pools in the United States, which means there will always be a need for pool service. The pool service business is a 15 billion dollar industry and one that you can tap into immediately. It is a recession-proof business because there is always going to be a need for pool service. Make the simple and easy choice. Franchise with America’s Swimming Pool Company. At ASP, we have tested the waters for you, and know that our business model works and reaps success. The brand name recognition that franchisees get starting a pool business with ASP allows them to access our network and gain new customers with ease quickly. John Bodden, who owns the ASP of Shreveport, Louisiana, said, “If you want to join a supportive, business oriented, and very professional organization, but yet take advantage of a thriving and growing industry, then ASP is probably something you should look into.” Join our team and see for yourself why our franchisee satisfaction is sky-high.

America’s Swimming Pool Company is proud to introduce its 100th franchise owner, Jim Green. As a new owner and operator, he is excited to serve Sterling, Virginia area pool owners with the industry-leading service for which ASP is so well known. Green is already busy leading his team in providing first class pool cleaning programs, pool maintenance, equipment repairs, and pool renovations for commercial and residential pools under the trusted ASP name. With his transition to ASP franchise ownership happening at the very beginning of swim season, he was ready to get to work right away and is already enjoying his full schedule serving local pool owners. 

Learning from a Hands-on Role Model

When you ask someone where they are from and they give you a long list of states all over the U.S., you can bet they’re from a military family. Green’s father served in the Navy, so although he calls Michigan his home state, he had the experience of moving around the country during his younger years. After Green’s father’s finished his service in the Navy, he owned a successful home construction business. When he started researching swimming pool routes for sale Green knew it would be the type of business that matched his strengths, because he grew up watching his father serve his country and work with his hands. All of this experience helped Green develop the same kinds of talents as his father. Whether his dad was taking care of projects around the house or working on the family’s cars, Green watched and learned and now has a knack for his own for hands-on work. 

“I have always looked up to my dad. He taught me so much about hard work and what it means to serve other people. He’s my role model and my inspiration for the direction I’m going by taking on ownership of a reputable pool cleaning franchise,” says Green.   

ASP Franchise Opportunity Allows Veteran to Serve Again

Green followed in his father’s footsteps and spent eight years serving our country in the Navy himself. He became a lieutenant and served mostly in California and Virginia, but also had the chance to see many different peoples, cultures, and parts of the world throughout his military service. One of the things he enjoyed most was getting to experience the various walks of life in the Pacific, the Mediterranean, and Scandinavia. 

ASP gives veterans who are interested in swimming pool routes for sale the opportunity to be their own boss and still have access to the tools and support they need to be successful. The company is well-known for the incentives and benefits it offers its veteran franchise owners; in 2018 it was ranked 81st out of the top 150 franchises for veterans by Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500®. ASP highly values the traits and skills possessed by current and former members of the military. They have proven to translate well to successful franchise ownership because those who serve our country are devoted, selfless, and hard working. 

Franchise Ownership With a Reliable Brand

Green went on to work in the telecommunications, pharmacy, and health information technology industries. Even during his time spent in the military and the corporate sector, he always held onto the dream of owning his own business. When he researched swimming pool service companies and found ASP, he knew it would be the right fit for him. Green explains, “Becoming an entrepreneur has always been a dream of mine. I knew I wanted a franchise with a proven track record of success, and ASP’s business model was something I could get on board with.” He also likes the strong reputation ASP has for being a reliable pool service brand that both consumers and franchisees can trust. ASP’s swimming pool routes for sale have provided unrivaled opportunities for those interested in running their own business. 

ASP’s history of success is part of what draws many of its franchise owners. For the past 6 years, ASP has consistently been part of Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500® list.The company was also recently named among the Top 10 franchises on Forbes Magazine’s list of America’s Best Franchises to Buy in 2019. In the category of businesses with a cost of entry under $150,000, America’s Swimming Pool Company ranked number 8, ahead of 3,300 other companies that were considered.  

Rising Above the Competition

Taking on a business of your own can often be an intimidating experience that forces you to learn from your mistakes. But with America’s Swimming Pool Company, franchisees don’t have to worry about the stress of starting out on their own. ASP provides constant support, resources, and continuous training to its franchise owners because it believes in focusing on successfully building each individual franchise. 

Green did his homework to find swimming pool routes for sale by a company that would allow him to hit the ground running. His schedule is already filled with serving customers who enjoy the professional, reliable service they have grown to expect from ASP. Green says, “One of the things I really like about ASP is its reputation for its professionalism. I love that I get to be part of a company that customers know they can trust to do the job right the first time.”

 Another aspect of ASP’s service that drew Green’s attention was the way it uses technology to guarantee customer satisfaction. ASP utilizes PoolOps® as a digital platform for recording and tracking all the services it provides. Each time an ASP team takes care of a pool, the owner gets an email detailing the time of service, chemical test results, and a photo of the freshly cleaned pool. 

Green plans on making the most of his business venture by focusing on meeting the needs of his clients. He says, “My team and I will always put our customers first. Listening to what they’re looking for is key to making the business relationship work well.” ASP pool service teams create an individualized care plan for each of their customers to ensure they get the exact service they need. 

Swimming Pool Routes for Sale With Top-Rated Franchisee Satisfaction

One way you can know whether a business opportunity is right for you is to find out about the experiences of other franchise owners. Are they happy with the way things are going? Or are they struggling to find the resources and support they need to grow and be successful? Green learned quickly that ASP’s pool cleaning franchise owners have a high rate of satisfaction. Just by reading the testimonials on the ASP website, it was obvious to Green that other owners were having positive experiences. 

 According to a recent poll by the Franchise Business Review, ASP has one of the top ratings in the country for franchisee satisfaction. One such encouraging testimonial came from ASP franchise owners Chad and Paige Fulk of Charlotte, North Carolina. Taking advantage of ASP swimming pool routes for sale earned them the 2014 Franchise of the Year Award and the 2014 President’s Club Award. They explain: 

“Working with ASP Franchising has taken the unknowns out of starting our own business. The information, support, and advice this franchise company offers have been a tremendous asset. They are always available to answer questions, from simple bookkeeping issues to giving advice on the buy-out of an existing pool company. This doesn’t even include their assistance in solving mechanical issues! Pool cleaning and maintenance is just a part of owning an ASP franchise. Having ASP there to help with the operations side of the business is like having that secret tool that the competition doesn’t have.”

Serving the Community

As ASP’s 100th franchise owner, Jim Green is eager to serve and fulfill the needs of pool owners in the communities in and around Sterling, Virginia. His time spent in the Navy and his current involvement in his church have helped lay the groundwork for his desire to work in the service industry. He and his team plan to give their clients the attention they deserve for all of their pool care needs. Finding swimming pool routes for sale through ASP has allowed Green to open the door to a new income opportunity while providing quality service at the same time. 

Opportunity for Expansion

Swimming pool care is one of the fastest-growing industries in the nation. There are 11 million pools in the country and the number of pool owners is always on the rise. Every pool needs year-round maintenance and cleaning, regardless of the weather. Green looks forward to seeing what the future holds for his new business. With the company’s 65 percent year-over-year rate of growth, there are so many ways to expand with ASP. 

Want to Jump Right Into Success?

Customers and entrepreneurs alike trust the ASP name. From its industry-leading pool service standards to the 99% success rate achieved by its franchisees, it’s no surprise that ASP is the most recognized pool franchise in the U.S. If you are interested in learning about becoming a successful franchise owner, visit the ASP franchising website to find out about ASP swimming pool routes for sale near you.