Meet Jon Lutz, Owner/Operator of America’s Swimming Pool Company located in Palm Harbor, FL. Jon and his fiancé, Carrie Limoges, have been operating the ASP location in Palm Harbor since March 2016.

Jon has worked and has held ownership in a few different service industry businesses for the past 18 years, so he knew he wanted to start a business in the service industry. While living in Charleston, SC, Jon found out about ASP and about the opportunities to become a franchise owner. After discovering the support and training that ASP Franchising offered, it was a “no-brainer” decision for Jon.

“The most beneficial aspect about joining an ASP franchise is having the support and wealth of knowledge from corporate and other franchise owners. There is always someone who will have an answer,” said Jon. “I also enjoy the connections I have been able to make due to being a part of a franchise. These connections would have taken a lot longer on my own.”

Jon and Carrie are off to a great start as new franchise owners. Jon’s advice to franchising candidates would be to make sure they are ready to be responsible for their own successes or failures. An ASP franchise provides a lot of support when starting the new business, but it is always important to remember that effort must be put in to become successful.

Most ASP franchise owners are not too familiar with the pool business until they come to Pool School, a two-week training course each new franchisee goes through at corporate headquarters. Jon and Carrie entered Pool School in November 2015 to familiarize themselves with the pool industry and the franchise. Jon’s focus for 2016 has been to spend his time learning the pool business and getting comfortable with it. Jon plans for the bigger goals he wants to accomplish for his business and breaks the larger goals into smaller, short-term goals. He then pushes to reach those smaller goals, so he can achieve his bigger, overall goal.

“I like the fact that I am building something while still allowing myself the flexibility to live life the way I enjoy,” said Jon. “If you don’t mind working and getting your hands dirty, then this is by far the best business.”

About ASP
ASP is the largest swimming pool cleaning, repair and renovation franchise system in the nation. Founded in 2001 by Stewart Vernon, the company is based on the belief that by providing a higher quality pool service at a reasonable price, the brand would raise the industry standards for pool service. In 2005, ASP began franchising and now covers 225 territories across the nation. For more information on ASP’s swimming pool franchise opportunities, visit For more information on ASP – America’s Swimming Pool Company, visit