Gone are the days where a customer would have a negative experience with a franchise business and share it only with a few friends and family members. Due largely to social media and online review sites, these same consumers have the opportunity to share their experience with the world. Before you purchase a pool service franchise for sale, you should consider what your potential customers have to say about the brand. Here are a few reasons why customer reviews matter:

  1. Yelp.com conducted a study proving the correlation between revenue and reviews. The higher the customer reviews a company has, the more revenue
    they experienced.
  2. Customers trust other customers experienced. In fact, 61% of consumers read online reviews before using a company they are unfamiliar with. This means that positive customer reviews can turn browsers into buyers.
  3. Good reviews are nice to have, but could they be costing your business? Consumers are willing to pay 99% more to businesses with excellent reviews for the perceived quality of services offered.
  4. Online customer reviews carry more weight than any other marketing strategy, and having positive customer reviews has proven to lead to up to a 74% increase in product conversion.
  5. Franchises that have positive reviews experience higher loyalty rates than those that do not-up to 18%!
  6. Franchises that are highly rated in their industries experience 55% increased likelihood of purchase than franchises that are not highly rated.
  7. 95% of customers who have a negative experience with a company are likely to use the services again if the negative experience is addressed quickly and efficiently.

Knowing what your market is saying about the brand you are considering buying should be a part of your due diligence process when researching a pool service franchise for sale. These reviews could make the difference between your success as a franchise owner and struggling to get the business going.

The coming of a new year brings on the making of new year’s resolutions. These resolutions show what a person wants to achieve in a year. But, what about for businesses? Do they set resolutions too? Our pool maintenance franchise has gathered the top tips to setting goals that matter for your business in the coming year.

Managing Time Matters

Even though you may get wrapped up in activities throughout the day, managing your time matters Take time at the end of each day to plan out your next day. Write down tasks you need to accomplish and break down larger goals into small achievable tasks. If you start your day doing the most dreaded tasks on your list, the day can only get easier from there.

Keep Your Goals SMART

Most people have heard of SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound.
This acronym reminds business to focus on the things that matter most, and to keep business goals realistic.

Stick with What Works

If you have a marketing campaign in place that is driving new customers to you business almost as rapidly as you can help them, chances are you probably don’t need to switch it up. However, if you are spending thousands of dollars a month on marketing and not seeing an increase in revenue, you may need to rethink your strategy.

Set Goals Constantly

While it is commonplace to think of goal setting at the beginning of the year, it is a practice that should be carried through the entire year. Once you achieve a goal, set another and another. As you do so, you will see your productivity rise and your business will continue to flourish and grow.

At ASP, it is our goal to help our pool maintenance franchise owners achieve their goals. We provide all the training, resources and support necessary to create a successful business.