Top franchise lists seem to be quite common in today’s business world. However, Franchise Business Review is the only company that produces an annual top franchise list ranked strictly by franchisee satisfaction. Surveying over 26,000 franchisees that represent more than 350 popular brands nationwide is not an easy task, but the results are in, and ASP, America’s swimming pool cleaning franchise company is among the ranks of the top franchises for the third year running.

Pool Service Franchise Owners Say ‘Don’t Be Afraid to Test the Waters’

We are honored that our franchisees take pride in the work that we do in our company. We work hard to ensure each franchise owner has the tools, training and resources needed to provide solutions to even the most difficult of pool problems.

Finding franchisees who are dedicated to excellent service and committed to helping build our brand is key to overall company success. In 2015, we have over 60 franchisees that cover over 170 locations nationwide, and are excited to continue building on the success we have already achieved.

When asked about their experience with ASP’s pool cleaning franchise opportunity, some of our franchisees have said:

“The most appealing aspect of joining the franchise system with ASP is the support, both technical and operational.”

“Pool cleaning and maintenance is just a part of owning an ASP franchise. Having ASP there to help with the operations side of the business is like having that secret tool that the competition doesn’t have.”

“Would I do it again? YES!!!”

“My only regret? Not doing it sooner!”

If you are curious about franchise opportunities available, don’t be afraid to test the waters with ASP.

Pool Cleaning Franchise Company Climbs the Ranks

Macon, Georgia– ASP, America’s Swimming Pool Cleaning Franchise Company is proud to be recognized among the nation’s leading franchise companies according to Entrepreneur Magazine. Since its 2010 induction to the list with a ranking of 468, ASP has climbed each year and in 2015 landed the rank of 188.

“We started this company with the belief that the pool service industry needed a higher quality, more dependable service that customers could afford. What started as a single location grew more rapidly than any of us expected,” said CEO and Founder, Stewart Vernon. “We are proud to offer outstanding service to both our customers and our franchisees and to see the brand we created expand quickly to become one of the nation’s leading franchises.”

Entrepreneur Magazine has been releasing the top franchise rankings for 36 years and puts in a significant amount of work to narrow down the top choices. Each year this list is consulted by potential franchisees as a starting point for which franchise offers growth and revenue potential and would be a good fit for them. The process for the 2015 awards began in July of 2014 when franchisors were asked to participate in a survey about their business. The companies chosen to make the list had to meet the following criteria:

  • Must provide a Full Disclosure Agreement
  • Must be verified by Entrepreneur Magazine
  • Have a minimum of 10 units with at least one based in the US
  • Must be seeking franchisees to help expand the brand in the US
  • Can NOT be in Chapter 11 filing proceedings

Companies who meet the criteria are then judged by quantifiable measures of their franchise operations.

ASP, America’s Swimming Pool Company began franchising in 2005, and currently has 68 franchisees operating 178 locations in 18 states. The company was originally founded by Vernon in Macon, Georgia as a means to fill a void in the swimming pool industry. The growth experienced since then speaks volumes to the need the industry has and the untapped potential therein. To view more information about the pool service franchise, please visit

Austin, Texas Location Scheduled to Launch November 1

MACON, Georgia– ASP, America’s Swimming Pool Franchise Company is excited to announce the opening of another pool cleaning franchise in Austin, Texas. Owner/Operator John Glode comes from a service business background, and is excited about the opportunity with ASP.

“ASP is different from other swimming pool cleaning franchises because of the training and support system,” said John Glode, newest franchise owner in the ASP family. “Like anything it’s a business where if you don’t know what you’re doing it will show quickly. A national provider that has it together, provides support and knows how the industry works, that’s what will differentiate you from everyone else.”

ASP began offering swimming pool cleaning franchise opportunities in 2005. The industry was then fragmented with a reliable swimming pool cleaning and maintenance team hard to come by. Since then, ASP has risen to the top by providing high quality pool service, dependable customer service and competitive pricing. Their goal of coast-to-coast expansion is becoming more of a reality with each franchise location opened.

“We are excited to welcome John and his team to the ASP franchise family,” said Stewart Vernon, CEO and founder of ASP. “John’s background in the service industry, previous sales experience and hard work ethic paired with our franchise system is a recipe for success.”

Glode earned his Bachelor’s degree in business and economics from the College at St. Thomas in Minnesota before continuing his education and obtaining his law degree from Creighton University. He and his wife, Angela have been married for 17 years, have three kids and enjoy spending time as a family in a variety of activities.

What does it take to be the best pool cleaning franchise? According to Franchise Business Review, ASP has the answer!

ASP, America’s Swimming Pool Company was awarded the honor of being ranked among the best of the best franchise list for 2014 and again in 2015. This award comes after surveying active franchisees about their satisfaction levels within all areas of the company including training, support, leadership, operations, and core values. Franchise Business Review surveyed more than 26,000 franchisees of over 350 nationally recognized brands. From this pool, they found the top 50 franchises in each of four franchise categories: small (under 50 locations), medium (50-99 locations), large (100-249 locations), and enterprise (250+ locations).

ASP swimming pool franchise had an overwhelming response from franchisees about their satisfaction with the company and was awarded best of the best franchise opportunities ranked on this satisfaction in the large franchise category.

ASP Pool Cleaning Franchisees Say This is a Franchise to DIVE For

Founded in 2001 by Stewart Vernon, ASP was built on the belief that by providing high levels of dependable pool cleaning service at a competitive price would attract customers. this approach to the pool cleaning industry is what has helped us become known as America’s number one swimming pool company. What started as a single location in Macon, Georgia quickly grew to 171 locations owned by 62 franchisees in 146 territories. Our company services more than 100 million gallons of water per week and installs more than 250 pools every year.

To keep our franchisees happy, we provide training and support to ensure their business hits the ground running, and that they have everything needed to swim laps around the competition. Some of the tools provided:

  • Comprehensive list of every residential and commercial pool in their territory to be used for marketing purposes
  • “Pool School” franchise training at headquarters
  • Proven turn-key operating system
  • Low start up and overhead expenses
  • Accounting and bookkeeping training and support
  • Ability to operate from a home office
  • Promotion from ASP corporate website

We are honored not only to receive such awards and recognitions, but for the fact that they are based on our current franchisee opinions of the company. If you are looking for a way to enter the franchise marketing that allows you to swim laps around the competition, then dive right in to ASP!

According to, the definition of a turn key business is literally an operation set up so that a buyer can “turn the key” and be up and running. The business has already been proven to be successful, and merely requires investment capital and labor.

ASP is a true turnkey business. Our pool franchise model has proven successful for 10 years now, and continues to attract new buyers. Franchise owners come from a variety of backgrounds and educations, and are drawn to ASP for its commitment to service in the industry. The ability to turn the key and get started is what attracts many buyers to franchising.

ASP pool franchise owners have access to cutting edge technology to make their jobs simpler and more profitable. Franchisees in the ASP family also enjoy access to an automated mobile platform that allows them to schedule, route and report from any location. We also keep open communication with our customers by sending out a personalized email that contains testing results and chemical levels along with a picture of their pool. This helps increase our customer loyalty.

As if those benefits are not enough, with an ASP pool franchise, you also receive access to systems unique to the ASP brand including our pricing models, marketing materials and customer retention programs.

We’ve been in the franchise business for ten years now and have learned a lot along the way. We are honored to be known as America’s number one swimming pool company and listed among the best franchise list for several years running. We are excited with how far the company has come, and even more excited to watch it grow over the next ten years!

If you have ever sat down and wondered about how to start a pool cleaning service, we have the answer. Start a franchise with ASP!

ASP realizes that franchising is not for everyone, but why reinvent the wheel when you can instead acquire a proven method through a nationally recognized brand? ASP offers its unique franchising model and brand to individuals from all walks of life, but do consider a few key characteristics when determining if we are a good fit to complete the puzzle of which franchise to join. We seek for individuals with:

  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • a strong work ethic and commitment to quality service and integrity
  • A full time commitment to the success of their ASP location
  • Access to a capital of at least $50,000 to get their business up and running
  • Sales or marketing experience is an added bonus

Notice that nowhere on our list is a knowledge of the pool industry? That’s because we offer complete training through a program we call “pool school,” where you will learn all you need to know to successfully run a pool business.

Now that you are aware of what we are seeking in a potential franchisee, what are you seeking in your potential franchisor? Franchise owners of ASP choose us for many reasons, but here are some of the ones that top the charts:

  • Solid industry with growth potential
  • An industry leader
  • Specialized training and technology driven systems to simplify your business and add to your profitability
  • Precision marketing techniques
  • Unmatched support

As a franchisor, we value the effort you put in to make us all successful. We give unmatched support not only to our clients, but to our franchise owners as well. If you are seriously considering how to start a pool cleaning service, start with ASP.

SwimToday is a marketing campaign aimed at getting more families involved with and loving swimming as a sport. When choosing a competitive sport for kids to participate in, 80 percent of parents overlook swimming even though in the 2014 State of the Competitive & Fitness Swimming Industry Report, swimming blew other sports out of the water in categories like teamwork, fun, ease of learning, parental enjoyment, coolness, and opportunities for a financial future.

The campaign was recently joined by supporting industry leaders including Counsilman-Hunsaker, and the USA Swimming Foundation. “The SwimToday campaign is a great way for us to get more involved in promoting the industry that is so dear to us,” said Scott Hester, President at Counsilman-Hunsaker.

SwimToday demonstrated the fun in swimming as a sport through their national campaign featuring their tagline “funnest sport there is” and #funnestsport.

As the love of swimming is growing rapidly throughout the nation, it creates a need for swimming pools in its wake. If you have ever considered starting a pool company, now is a great time to act on that. ASP offers a franchise model for those who have thought about starting a pool company, but don’t want to reinvent the wheel. ASP has been recognized as the nations’ number one swimming pool company, and has been offering swimming pool franchise opportunities since 2005.

We built our company on the belief that if we provided high quality swimming pool service, at affordable prices by dependable staff, customers would come. We have seen this theory prove itself to be true over the last ten years as we are rapidly expanding. We are excited for the growth and promotion of the industry that campaigns such as SwimToday offer.

I remember as a kid watching the classic movie, “Annie,” and thinking how lucky she was-not to be living with a billionaire or to be adopted, but that she got to go to a house that had an indoor swimming pool. At that point in my life indoor pools were unheard of unless it was in a hotel, but to be in someone’s house? That was a thought that made me a bit jealous-especially in those hot summer months.

Fast forward to today where indoor pools are not as uncommon—not just in hotels, but in residences as well. And, no longer do you have to be a billionaire to afford them! If you have ever considered entering the swimming pool industry, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Swimming pools are pretty common these days, indoor ones included.

ASP, America’s Swimming Pool Company, offers an indoor pool franchise opportunity. By partnering with ASP, you would receive training on the ins and outs of running a successful and proven turnkey franchising system. You would learn everything you ever wanted to know about pools, and then some. With this indoor pool franchise business, you would be able to help others make their dream of an indoor pool at home come true! Plus, you would be able to market to hotels and other commercial businesses about the opportunity of installing an indoor pool at their place of business. The opportunities are endless!

Indoor pools may have been a novelty in days past, but it doesn’t have to be that way any longer. If you are an entrepreneur minded person that is looking for a new opportunity in your life, contact ASP to discuss how this opportunity can help you make the indoor pool an impossible dream no longer!

Perhaps, you are concerned about your financial future and considering starting a small business venture. One lucrative business idea is a pool maintenance business. People simply love their pools, and even those who don’t are reluctant to get rid of them. Of course, some people buy a house and are stuck with the pool maintenance duties. Keeping a pool well maintained is a very difficult task. Most pool owners would rather hire a professional pool maintenance team to keep their pool clean. Therefore, investing in a pool maintenance franchise makes perfectly good sense. This is especially true for those investors who live in the warmer climates.

What is A Pool Maintenance Franchise?

Certainly, you could strike out on your own, and start a pool maintenance company. However, the odds are against you for achieving great success in this highly competitive industry. There are large franchise companies which are competing against those small companies. Guess who wins all the customers? The franchise owner is the winner. Purchase a franchise and enter the playing field on equal terms with other well established franchise owners. You now have access to use the franchises pre-established name and trademarks. A franchise will supply your new company with built in customers and professional marketing and advertising material. Clearly, a pool maintenance franchise provides a unique investment in your financial future.

Why Should You Invest In a Pool Maintenance Franchise?

Wouldn’t it be great to start a new business with a professional advisory team to answer your questions and give you guidance? Well, a franchise company provides plenty of support for the new business owner. They are on your team and want you to succeed. More and more people are starting to recognize this as being a great business opportunity in order to succeed and earn profits on their own terms with their own business.

How to Invest in a Pool Maintenance Franchise

Surprisingly, a number of people dream about starting their own business, but do not act upon this dream. Don’t let this happen to you. Make plans now to invest in your own pool maintenance franchise. Did you know that now is the best time to go out on your own and start a business? Getting started is much easier than you might think. The franchise does everything it can in order to help you to succeed; when you win they win. Investing is as simple as finding the territories offered in your area and buying into the franchise.

In today’s economy, many people are turning to small business franchise opportunities to either supplement current income or replace their current jobs all together. What is it that is so attractive about owning a small business franchise?

For starters, as a small business franchise owner, you work for yourself. No more punching a time card and being paid slave wages by the hour. You control what you earn, when you work and how much you work. By investing in a small business, you can literally fire your boss, and go to work for yourself. When economic hard times hit, you can rest assured that layoffs will not affect you, as you are the boss.

Secondly, investing in a small business franchise is educational. Have you always wanted to do payroll, but had no accounting experience? Have you thought if you were the hiring manager that you would only hire a certain type of person? As a small business owner, you wear a lot of hats. You are now the department head of accounting and billing, human resources, customer service, marketing and general operations. While this may seem overwhelming to some, many small business franchiseopportunities come with a road map to streamline all these roles making it easier for you to run your new business. In the beginning there will be a lot to learn, but with the right franchise opportunity, you will be given all the training and support you need to be successful.

Lastly, as a small business franchise owner, there are many tax credits you can take advantage of. For example, if you run the business out of your home, you can deduct the portion of your home used for your office. Office supplies, furniture, other business equipment including computers, printers, fax machines, etc are all deductible as business expenses as well. Do you take clients out to eat? Do you use your personal vehicle for business use? What about travel expenses for your small business? All of these things are tax deductible. Be sure to refer to the IRS for guidelines on what can and cannot be deducted from your small business franchise.

These are only a few reasons that investing in a small business franchise is a smart decision. ASP offers franchise opportunities to individuals interested in getting into the pool service industry. For more information, please visit our franchising site.