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ASP Swimming Pool Franchise Opportunity Accepted in Georgetown, Texas

ASP is growing exponentially in 2015! We are happy to welcome Brett & Adrienne Boydston to the family of franchisees. The Boydstons opened their swimming pool service business in Georgetown, Texas in the summer of 2015.

From Real Estate to Swimming Pool Franchise Owner

As an Austin native, Brett studied business management at Texas State University. He spent 8 years as a membership supervisor for the Austin Board of Realtors where he supervised over 12,000 members of the board. Brett holds a current real estate license and is active on the Williamson county board.

After working with a small startup business, Brett decided the time was right to seek alternative options, and began looking into the benefits of franchising. He had a passion for caring for the family pool, and with persuasion from his wife, Adrienne, he started looking for a pool franchise opportunity.

More than a Pool Route

The Boydstons knew if they were going to follow this passion, that they wanted more than a pool route, but an entire business. About the opportunity, Adrienne says, “Following a proven system will help us achieve success faster, minimize the learning curve, and be less daunting of a task than building from the ground up.”

Franchising a pool service business with ASP gave the Boydstons access to the ASP brand and reputation we have worked so hard to achieve. As the number one swimming pool company in America, we strive to find franchisees like the Boydstons-hard working individuals dedicated to helping us achieve our company goals as they achieve theirs as well.

Our Best Advice? Don’t Settle For Any Swimming Pool Business For Sale

The Boydstons have experienced success in their first season of providing pool services. They would recommend franchising with ASP over starting your own pool service business to anyone. Continued support, a proven system and a brand you can trust? Why would you choose anything else?

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As ASP continues to grow, we are pleased to welcome Randy Worthy to our pool franchising family! Worthy is among the many great franchisees we have added to the ASP family in 2015, and opened his pool franchise in Sugarland, Texas in May.

Franchise or Pool Route For Sale

Many entrepreneurial minded people decide between starting their own company or purchasing a franchise. ASP makes that decision easy with our proven franchise system and continuous support for franchisees. With ASP you have a dedicated support group to help you every step of the way from training to your grand opening, and every milestone thereafter. Whether you have a background with pools or not, franchising a pool service business with ASP will give you the confidence you need from day one.

Texas-Sized Opportunity for Pool Franchising

Worthy was able to see the benefit of franchising his pool services in Texas. In a state where the weather remains hot for a good portion of the year, the swimming pool industry has unlimited opportunities. As a pool service business owner, Worthy offers pool cleaning and maintenance services that include diagnostics, repair of safety equipment, renovations or removals of swimming pools-complete with construction clean up. Worthy and his team also provide custom deck designs and installs, chemical balancing and other pool related services.

Opportunities for Indoor Pool Franchise

As an ASP franchisee, you will have the opportunity to work with all kinds of pools ranging from indoor, outdoor, above ground and even spas! Training provided by ASP will have you prepared for any situation and any type of pool you may encounter!

To learn more about the service provided by ASP Sugarland, visit their website:

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ASP is continually growing and added more franchisees to our family. We are pleased to welcome Jeremy Johnson to the team, who opened his doors to Daniel Island, South Carolina earlier this year. Johnson and his team will provide swimming pool service and maintenance services to Daniel Island, Summerville, Goose Creek and North Charleston.

Franchising Pool Services Has Perks

When it comes to starting an indoor pool franchise, ASP has all the tools and trainings you will need to get started on your path to success. We have each franchisee attend “Pool School” where you will receive all the tools and training your need to dive right in to the business. Starting out with a franchise means relying on our proven system to give you direction you need to be successful.

Johnson knew he didn’t just want any old pool route for sale, but instead one that would give him support, training and guidance when he needed it.

Pool Business Franchise Opportunities = Summer Fun Year Round

Though your customers may not be thinking about swimming in the middle of winter, you should be. This is how your business will thrive. While they may not be in the pool in winter, they can be thinking about renovating, remodeling, or upgrading their existing pool to prepare for summer.

As an ASP pool franchise owner, you will have all the tools and training necessary to grow your business whether it be summer swimming season or snowy winter.

Indoor Pool Franchise Opportunities

As you partner with ASP, you will be working with many types of swimming pools from in ground to above ground and even indoors! Your training will have you ready to work with whatever pool related issue is thrown your way, in whatever type of pool the customer may have.

If you, like Johnson, are ready to dive in to the swimming pool franchise business, ASP is the clear choice!

ASP is excited to see the company continue to expand into territories around the nation, and 2015 has been a great year for growth as we have added several new franchisees to our family. One new territory opened this year is Baton Rouge, Louisiana opened by husband and wife team Victor & Candice Lockwood.

Pool Business for Sale…Complete With All the Support You Need

Victor and Candice both attended school in Louisiana with Victor graduating and working for the CIA, and Candice becoming a CPA. In 2007 they purchased a chain of SNAP fitness franchises together and found out how easy it was to work together to run a business.

After 7 years of fitness franchises, the team decided to sell off their franchises, not sure where life would take them. It was then that they found ASP and were intrigued by the level of support offered by the swimming pool service business for sale. Victor says that since he is a structured person, the benefit of being part of a franchise is knowing you are not alone in it.

Freedom and Flexibility with ASP’s Swimming Pool Service Business For Sale

After attending school to become an accountant, Candice quickly learned that her place was not to be a paper pusher behind a desk. She wanted a job she could look forward to every morning that offered a variety of duties with every day being different.

The Lockwoods opened their doors in Baton Rouge on March 1, 2015. They provide swimming pool cleaning and maintenance services in East Baton Rouge, Livingston, and Ascension Parish.

2015 has been another year of incredible growth for ASP, and we have had several new franchisees learn how easy starting a pool business is with ASP. Among those that have joined us this year is Mason Hackler, who opened his doors in March to Kansas City.

Passion for Pools Made Seeking Pool Routes for Sale Make Sense

Upon graduating from Northwest Missouri State University, Hackler went on to his lifelong career in sales. He founded his own medical supplies company in 1996 where he catered to the hospice industry. After running the company successfully for 18 years, he retired in 2014.

Shortly after retiring, Hackler decided the life of retirement was not for him, and began seeking opportunities to keep him busy. It was then that he stumbled upon the opportunity to open a pool service franchise with ASP, and it just made sense as he has been passionate about swimming and pools since childhood.

Starting a Pool Business Without Starting Over

As many other franchisees have already discovered, starting a pool business is easier when you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. ASP was attractive to him because of the proven business model that would help him reach the goals he set for himself. Hackler believes in taking care of the customer first and foremost, and that through this type of professional service, more customers will come.

ASP Johnson County opened their doors March 1, 2015 and provides swimming pool cleaning and maintenance services in Johnson County including Leawood, Lenexa, Kansas City, Mission Hills, Olathe, Overland Park, Prairie Village, Shawnee and Spring Hill, Kansas. We are excited to welcome Mason to our ASP family and look forward to helping him grow his business and do great things!

Are you curious about opportunities as a pool service franchise owner? Here are seven things you need to know.

  1. How to Swim. Laps around the competition, that is! ASP gives you all the necessary training to give you the confidence you need to be laps ahead of others in the industry.
  2. Diving Skills are Required. Fear of heights? No problem. We are looking for those who are ready to ‘dive’ into the industry not worrying about getting their feet wet.
  3. Belly Flops are Overrated. ASP doesn’t want their franchisors to feel as if they’ve done a belly flop and made a bad decision. We offer our franchise owners unrivaled support, expert training and all the tools they need to gracefully swan dive instead.
  4. Life is a Beach. Ball. Have fun with your new business! This is an opportunity that makes each day different from the rest and does not stick you behind a desk. You will be outside enjoying the fresh air and hot sun while bringing people the joy of swimming in a clean and well maintained pool. Some will refer to you as summer time Santa.
  5. Start with Wading Pools. Don’t get overwhelmed trying to chase the huge clients! Focus first on building in your neighborhood, community, and expanding from there.
  6. Make a Splash. Customer service skills are a big part of what will set you a part from the competition. Leaving a good impression on new customers is as important as any other aspect of the job.
  7. Floatation Devices are Recommended. No drowning allowed with ASP’s franchise family all willing to answer any questions you may have or help resolve concerns. When you feel like you need a lifeline, another franchisee, or even our staff at headquarters is happy to help!

Growth in the Pool Service Business Indicates Clear Measure of Success

MACON, Georgia– ASP, America’s Swimming Pool Service Business is honored to be recognized among America’s fastest growing franchises of 2015 according to Entrepreneur Magazine. Within the franchise industry, growth is a common goal of all brands, and a clear indicator of success. ASP has been ranked among the fastest growing franchises since 2011, and doesn’t have plans for stopping.

“ASP was founded on the belief that if we offer pool owners a high level of service that they can both depend on, and afford they would be attracted to our company,” said Stewart Vernon, CEO and founder of ASP. “This theory has proven true for our company as we have built a reputation for ourselves to be the number one swimming pool service business in America.”

This years ranking in Entrepreneur’s list are based on the number of open and operating franchise locations from July 2013-July 2014. During that time frame, the franchises named on the top growing list accounted for the addition of 8,757 locations in North America. While food franchises still top the list with 28 different brands ranked, other service businesses included are fitness franchises, maintenance services, and pool service businesses. While continued growth is a good sign for any franchise company, potential investors are encouraged to research other aspects of the franchise before initial investment.

ASP began offering franchises of its pool service business in 2005. Built on the belief that the pool industry was fragmented, ASP was created to fill the gaps, offer high quality pool services, dependable customer service, and affordable pricing. The company’s goal of coast to coast expansion is becoming more within reach as the franchise now covers 18 states, and 178 operating territories. To learn more about franchise opportunities with the pool service business and partner with ASP, contact

Pool Routes for Sale from ASP Don’t Require a Dedicated Office Space

MACON, Georgia– ASP, America’s Swimming Pool Company pool route sales is pleased to be ranked on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top Home-Based Franchise 2015 list. The annual list makes the search for a home based franchise opportunity a little easier as it provides research on each company awarded.

“The mobile nature of our pool route sales business gives franchisees the option to lower overhead costs by running the business out of their home office,” said Stewart Vernon, Founder & CEO of ASP. “Our biggest concern is not where the franchisee conducts their business, but how the business is conducted. Customer care is, and always will be our number one priority.”

Entrepreneur Magazine has been compiling top franchise lists for 36 years and is the most comprehensive list in the world. Each franchise that wants to be included on a top list must reveal an FDD, and adhere to strict requirements to make it on the list.

ASP is pleased to be ranked among the top home based franchise list for two years running. The company is experiencing tremendous amounts of growth as a response to the growing demand for swimming pool installations, cleaning and maintenance. ASP’s pool routes for sale include an exclusive territory for the franchisee to operate in, and the size of that territory is determined by the number of pools in the area.

Since 2005 when the company began franchising, it has expanded to reach 18 states, 178 territories and 68 franchise partners. The company continues to expand with new territories opening each year. If you have been on the fence about purchasing a pool route for sale, partnering with ASP lays a good foundation to

ASP’s swimming pool franchise opportunity has been recognized among the top home-based franchise opportunities according to Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2015 list. The list, which is compiled annually, gives potential franchisees info they need when considering a particular franchise that will allow them to work from home or out of a mobile unit. This is the second year running that ASP pool franchise opportunities have been ranked on this list, raising up the rankings from 53 to 47.

Swimming Pool Franchise Opportunities Keep Overhead Costs Low and Growth Potential High

ASP is honored to be continually ranked among the best franchise lists, and to climb in rank year after year. Our unique approach to the swimming pool industry allows for franchisees to run their businesses from their home or a mobile unit to keep overhead costs low. As the business grows, your need for office space may as well, but the opportunity to start at home helps us to provide low barrier entrance into our franchise family.

The demand for swimming pools is on the rise now that the economy is recovering. The Association of pools & spas is positioning the industry as a water saving option in the presence of major drought areas. They performed a study saying that homeowners with a pool as part of their landscaping using up to one-third less water than those without pools who water their lawns. The study results are increasing demand for pools across the nation.

Growth potential also comes from a marketing list provided to each new ASP franchisee that includes information on every residential and commercial pool in their territory. This information allows for the new franchisee to swim laps around their competition by personally calling on each pool owner to find their service needs.

At Home or in the Office, ASP Pool Franchise Opportunities Keep Franchisees Happy

Whether you choose to run your business out of your home, a mobile unit or a dedicated office space, ASP works hard to ensure the happiness and success of each franchise owner. If you are ready to take a swim in the franchise industry, contact ASP today!

If you are considering a pool business for sale, it’s best to consult highly ranked franchise opportunities. Entrepreneur Magazine compiles the most comprehensive franchise ranking in the world, and 2015 marks the 36th year this list has been compiled.

Making the List is Not a Simple Task

The search for the top 500 franchise companies in the world for 2015 began in July of 2014 when franchisors were asked to participate in a survey for an opportunity to receive the award. 927 companies that responded made the first cut, and the top 500 went on to receive the award based on financial data provided from July 2012-2014. IN order to be eligible, the franchisor must provide a Full Disclosure Document, have at least 10 franchise locations one of which must be located in the US. The company cannot be in chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings at the time of compilation, and must be seeking to expand in new US territories.

Once these rigorous qualifications have been met, companies are all judged on the same criteria which includes:

  • Stability and financial strength of the company
  • Growth rate and size of franchise system
  • Years company has been in business, and years of franchising
  • Start up costs
  • Litigations
  • Whether or not financing options are available through the company

Each company receives a cumulative score based on the above and is ranked according to that score.

Rising up the List

ASP has been continuously ranking on the Franchise 500 list since 2011, when our franchising division was only 6 years old. Since then, we have risen up the rankings and currently are listed at 188, and hope to continue to rise among the ranks as the top in the pool cleaning business. We are honored to be recognized in this manner. We welcome any individual interested in a pool business for sale, to contact ASP.