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Every year, Entrepreneur Magazine produces its top 500 franchise list featuring franchises around the world. To be make the list, a franchisor must have a minimum of 10 franchise location, with at least one in the US, and provide a complete Franchise Disclosure Document. The companies must be seeking for new franchise partners in the US, and cannot be in the middle of Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings.

After those criteria are met, each company is ranked based on financial strength and growth as well as the number of years the company has been franchising, the cost for a franchisee to open, and the percentage of terminations that have occurred. Franchisee satisfaction and management style are not taken into account when producing the Franchise 500 list.

ASP is proud to have our swimming pool franchise rank among the Franchise 500 list for 5 years running, and our rank continues to climb each year. The proven systems we provide our franchisees with along with our nationally recognized brand help each member of our franchise family to be successful.

The Top Ten

In 2014 alone, franchises across the nation generated more than 1.5 trillion in annual sales with the average initial investment coming in at $520,000. Though the top companies in the annual list have start up fees well over $100k, they also have a globally recognized brand, offer world class training and support teams, and are willing to help potential franchisees with financing options.

Looking at the top ten franchises listed on the 2014 Franchise 500 list, they all have a few things in common:

  • On average, 40% of the franchise owners own more than one store
  • The median amount of franchise locations among these top franchises is 2,122
  • Each of the top ten franchises have been among the top ten listed for three consecutive years
  • Growth rates and year established vary across the franchise industry

Franchise Facts

Across the nation, new franchise opportunities are popping up every year. In the 2014 Franchise 500 research phase, it was found that:

  • 43% of franchises nationwide are in the foodservice industry
  • In the US alone, there are 3,000 franchise systems
  • The average duration of a franchise agreement is 14 years

While ASP has not yet made it to the top 10, we believe our swimming pool franchise opportunity has the potential. We offer a affordable path to small business ownership, comprehensive training, unmatched marketing support, and prove systems and strategies to help you be successful. When you are ready to dive into a franchise system that works, visit:

A common problem in the entrepreneur world is whether to strike out on your own and open your own company, or join a franchise system that offers a proven roadmap to success. Though each option has benefits, the benefits of owning a pool supply franchise outweigh those that come from going it alone. Here are the top benefits that come with franchising with ASP:

  1. Credibility that comes with a nationally recognized brand
  2. Less risk
  3. Exclusive territory
  4. Access to in house public relations and marketing team
  5. National marketing campaigns can bring attention to your individual franchise
  6. Proven systems and strategies that have been tested and refined, and are known to work for others in the franchise system
  7. Avoidance of common mistakes made by new business owners
  8. Comprehensive training programs that continue throughout the life of the franchise relationship
  9. Assistance in solving the day to day challenges of operating your pool supply franchise
  10. Multiple territory ownership available
  11. Prepare quickly to open doors to your select territory
  12. Proprietary pricing strategies to help your business become profitable and give a return on investment as quickly as possible
  13. Access to industry-leading marketing data that gives your pool supply franchise a competitive advantage
  14. Ability to start your business from a home office to reduce overhead fees
  15. Opportunity to be a part of something bigger, and help the company reach its coast-to-coast expansion goal

While the list could continue highlighting the benefits that come from owning a pool supply franchise with ASP, these are the top benefits that our franchisees experience in the beginning of their partnership with us.

Why Go It Alone?

When it comes to solid business strategies, joining a franchise system with a proven track record fills the gaps that exist when you are starting a business by yourself. While it may seem exciting to take a bigger risk, you are also missing out on national marketing campaigns that make your marketing dollars reach more customers, training that helps you avoid common mistakes made by new business owners, and strategies to make your business run more efficiently.

When you choose to try to reinvent the wheel, you are left to your own devices for pricing strategies, help when an issue arises, and you miss out on the bigger buying power of a national chain, making your operational costs higher. You also have to work harder to build your brand and credibility to continually attract new customers.

Looking at the benefits side by side, the benefits of choosing an ASP pool supply franchise make more sense than trying to start out on your own. One of the biggest benefits of ASP is that the path to small business ownership is affordable with franchise costs relatively low in comparison to other franchises. When you are ready to dive into the industry with a franchise that simplifies the process of owning a business, visit

ASP offers pool franchise opportunities to individuals of all backgrounds and education levels. From those who are just starting a career to those looking for a change later in life, ASP has a firm non-discrimination policy for our franchisees. While no two franchise owners are exactly alike, all ASP franchisees do have a few common traits including being business savvy, having good communication skills, a strong work ethic, a desire to succeed, and are committed to quality service to each and every customer.

While ASP has franchisees from all walks of life, we recognize that not every franchise company does. The Wall Street Journal recently published generalized information on the franchise industry as a whole.

The Breakdown

According to the study, men typically in the age range of 45-54 are the primary owners of franchises across the nation. Women are the owners 21% of the time, and those under the age of 34 are the primary owners 12% of the time. The study also found that 28% of franchise owners are either in or approaching their retirement years, ages 55+.

As far as education, 44% have a bachelor’s degree, 19% have at least an associate’s degree, and 12% of franchise owners are US military veterans.

Investment, Profit Potential, Hours Worked

The study found that the average initial investment for a franchise is $520,000 across 3500 brands in 200 sectors. While this number does not reflect every franchise opportunity available, it gives a good reflection as to what can be expected on average.

As far as profit potential, this study found that 11% of franchise owners are reporting incomes of more than $150K per year, while women in franchising on average report $54,408 in income, and men on average report $73,261 in annual income.

The time spent working each franchise opportunity will vary depending on the industry, but the average time requirements broke down to 28% spending 40-50 hours per week building their business. 23% of those surveyed reported spending 50-60 hours working the business, and 13% said they spend 20 or fewer hours per week at the franchise.

Franchise Popularity

Not surprisingly, Texas and California are the most popular states for franchising, while Alaska and vermont are the least popular. It was found that the most popular market sectors for franchising are quick service restaurants, lodging, and business related services. Markets on the not-so popular list include security services, video and party related goods and services.

While ASP franchisees may not fit the standard profile of franchise owners across the nation, they are ranked among the most satisfied. For more information on pool franchise opportunities offered by ASP, visit

ASP is celebrating its 10th year of offering our swimming pool franchise opportunity! Since 2005 when ASP franchising was born, ASP has grown to include 178 franchise territories in 18 states, and has been ranked among the fastest growing franchises in the nation!

History of ASP

In 2002, Stewart Vernon of Macon, Georgia recognized a need for a swimming pool service company that provided a higher level of service to its customers at a price they could afford. He launched ASP and experienced immediate success. Knowing he was on to something, he set out to expand both the business model and the ASP brand.

ASP Franchising was formed in 2005 with its first two franchisees and proved to be exactly what the swimming pool industry had been missing. ASP continues to look for franchise partners who are business savvy and have a desire to own a small business, with a proven system for success as their roadmap.

Nation’s Most Recognized Swimming Pool Franchise

As ASP continues to grow and refine our training, support and brand, we have been recognized for our efforts. In fact, no other swimming pool franchise opportunity outperforms ASP in customer satisfaction, growth and national recognition.

Some of these awards and recognitions include:

  • Entrepreneur Magazine: Best in Class Industry Leader
  • Entrepreneur Magazine: Top 100 Fastest Growing Franchises
  • Entrepreneur Magazine: Top Home Based Franchise
  • Entrepreneur Magazine: Top Low Cost Franchise
  • Franchise Business Review: Best of the Best
  • Franchise Business Review: Top Franchisee Satisfaction (5 years running)
  • Franchise Rankings: America’s Top Franchise Opportunities

While awards and recognitions are not not everything, it is exciting to see how far our brand has come in its 10 years of franchising. The philosophy behind the brand and the people that live up to it are the ones truly making it possible to achieve these awards.

To the Next 10 Years

Over the course of the next ten years, ASP hopes to be able to come closer to our goal of coast to coast expansion and finding franchise partners that will live up to the standards of our brand and help us continue to build the reputation of America’s #1 swimming pool company. Here’s to the next ten years of offering our swimming pool franchise opportunity!