More than fifteen million homes in the United States have swimming pools, and there are an estimated 400,000 more in commercial locations, such as apartment complexes, hotels, and gyms. These pools have to be cleaned and maintained regularly. But who is doing all of that cleaning? The answer is men and women just like you who wanted to own their own business. You, too, can take control of your destiny by purchasing your own pool maintenance franchise from America’s Swimming Pool Co. (ASP) today.

What Exactly Does a Pool Maintenance Technician Do?

As the owner of a pool maintenance franchise, you would travel to residential and commercial locations to service swimming pools. At the beginning of the season, you would prepare the swimming pool for its first swim. If the pool is empty, this means filling the pool with water and treating it with chemicals, then ensuring the pH balance of the pool is correct. Throughout the swim season, which could be year-round if you live in a warmer climate, you will clean the pool by removing leaves, bugs, and debris, check to make sure the pH balance is correct, and regulate the chemicals, if necessary. You might also be required to fix leaks, replace lights, and repair broken equipment.

How Much Money Does a Pool Maintenance Technician Make?

Pool service technicians who work for other companies average around $30,000 per year. But, if you are your own boss, you will naturally make more. Owners of America’s Swimming Pool Co.’s pool maintenance franchises make upwards of $40 to $50 per hour. Of course, as your own boss, you could make more or less. Your destiny is in your own hands.

America’s Swimming Pool Co.

America’s Swimming Pool Co. is a trusted leader in the swimming pool industry, with a well-established brand and a widely respected reputation across the United States. Our name is synonymous with the highest quality pools, supplies, and maintenance technicians. Our Pool Service and Maintenance Franchise was ranked #1 in its category in Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2014 list of 500 Franchises, and we were just listed in the eBook 12 Amazing Franchise Opportunities for 2015. This is due to the fact that America’s Swimming Pool Co. is committed to your success, because our own success depends on it. It is for this reason that ASP has put the structure in place to support your franchise. We provide you with unparalleled training, as well as all of the tools, technology and marketing materials you need. Additionally, we give you guidance and technical support anytime you need it. Call us today to learn more about purchasing a pool maintenance franchise.

The cleaning and maintenance of swimming pools is a huge industry. Think for a second about all of the homes, apartment complexes, community centers, hotels, motels, and gyms that have pools. Think now about how dirty those pools can get. Children and, unfortunately, some adults urinate in them. Bugs, leaves, and other debris fall into them. Who wants to swim in that? Additionally, pools contain chemicals that must be maintained and regulated consistently. And, occasionally, leaks occur and equipment needs to be repaired.

The American Dream

If you are stuck in a rut in your current career or tired of being bossed around by someone else, today may be the day to make the American dream your reality. Owning your own swimming pool maintenance franchise is an excellent way to take control of your destiny once and for all. You can set your own hours, be your own boss, and make good money. That’s right, swimming pool maintenance technicians earn upwards of $40 to $50 per hour. Intrigued? Want to know more?

Why Buy a Franchise?

You may be asking yourself why you should buy a swimming pool maintenance franchise instead of just starting your own business. Let me respond with a question: Is it easier to go out to dinner at a nice restaurant that has a good reputation OR go to the grocery store, buy groceries, load them in your car, drive home, unload the groceries at your house, and prepare your own dinner? It is much easier to have dinner at the restaurant. The restaurant did all of the hard work for you. You simply sat down, ordered, enjoyed your meal, and paid.

Starting a business is very rewarding, but it is also a lot of hard work. When you purchase a swimming pool maintenance franchise from America’s Swimming Pool Co. (ASP), we do all of that hard work for you. Our brand and reputation for high-quality pools, supplies, and maintenance technicians are already established. Nationwide marketing is done, and we provide you with proven marketing tactics and materials for you to use on a local level. Your clients are practically lined up waiting for you now.

There is a reason why ASP is ranked #1 in its category in Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2014 list of 500 Franchises and why we were just listed in 12 Amazing Franchise Opportunities for 2015. The reason is simple: We are committed to your success.

When you first sign up with ASP, you’ll spend 12 days at our “Pool School” learning everything you need to know. We also provide numerous opportunities for continuing education throughout the year. You’ll receive a monthly newsletter with tips and marketing ideas. And you’ll learn about new tools, technology and the industry’s best practices at our annual franchise meetings. We will also provide you with ongoing operational, accounting, and technical support.

Do you enjoy working with your hands and working outdoors? Have you always wanted to own your own business, but don’t know exactly what you want to do? Perhaps you already own a landscaping business, construction business, or even swimming pool installation business and are looking for ways to expand? No matter your situation, a swimming pool installation franchise from America’s Swimming Pool Co.(ASP) may be the perfect solution for you!

Most people enjoy swimming pools even if they do not swim. Swimming pools are a beautiful addition to any yard, and they increase a home’s property value significantly. They provide cool refreshment on those sweltering dog days of summer. They serve as a gathering place for friends and family to come together for fun and fellowship. And poolside is an excellent place to relax while reading a novel and enjoying a refreshing beverage.

Who Would Buy a Swimming Pool in This Economy?

Perhaps you think that owning a swimming pool installation franchise sounds like a good idea, but you are concerned about the economy. After all, times have been tough, and swimming pools are luxury items, right? The fact is, however, that swimming pool sales have been increasing for numerous years, and experts expect this upward trend to continue.

You can ensure your swimming pool installation franchise is successful by purchasing from America’s Swimming Pool Co. Our brand is well-established and well-liked across the nation. We are known for the highest quality pools and supplies in the industry.

America’s Swimming Pool Co.

A swimming pool installation franchise from America’s Swimming Pool Co. is an easy choice. Simply look at the facts. Our Swimming Pool Construction Franchise is ranked #1 in its category in Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2014 list of 500 Franchises and was just listed in an eBook entitled 12 Amazing Franchise Opportunities for 2015. We are consistently ranked highly, because we know that your success as a franchisee directly impacts our own success. That’s why we work hard to support your business.

Even if you know nothing about installing swimming pools, our twelve-day “Pool School” will teach you everything you need to know. We also provide continuing education opportunities throughout the year, as well as monthly newsletters with marketing ideas and an annual meeting where you will learn about the industry’s best practices and new tools.

We will also provide all of the accounting, operational, and technical support you need and guidance to grow your business, as well as proven marketing tactics and materials. You can call us anytime. We will always be here to help you.

Call us today to learn more about how you can own your own swimming pool installation franchise!